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Growly Notes

Growly Notes is a note-taking app somewhat like Microsoft OneNote.

  • Mac OS X

Growly Notes is a note-taking app somewhat like Microsoft OneNote. Gather text, images, links and anything else you can think of in free-form pages organized into sections.

Organize your information

Growly Notes lets you capture everything you’re interested in, all in one place. Organize research projects, trips, to-do lists, or journals. Scrapbook your images, web links, and video clips. Your imagination is the only limitation. More Info »

Pages can contain almost anything: formatted text, images, movies, audio clips, PDF files, tables, lists, web and file links, and drawings you create in Notes. There are no rules for where things have to go: put an image beside text, or under it. Draw shapes on top of other notes. Put two snippets of text right next to each other. Click anywhere and start typing. It’s really that simple.

Notebooks are organized into sections (the larger tabs on the left in the image above), each of which contains as many pages as you like. All the open notebooks are shown in one window, for easy navigation and quick jumps.

Appearances are (almost) everything

With Notes you can change the appearance of everything on the page, from the color and font of text to the background color of the page and whether it has rule lines -- even put a picture behind all the notes like a watermark.

But you can also change the look of the Notes program itself! We prefer the colorful tabs shown above, but if you find them distracting you can change the tab colors, remove the tab colors, or just give up on the tabs altogether and use a traditional Mac interface.

Creating a notebook is one thing. Finding a specific note a week later is another. Notes lets you search all open notebooks for any text, and shows you the results in context. A single click on a result takes you to that note.

You can also tag notes using built-in categories and search for tagged notes with one click. For pinpoint searches, look for tagged notes that contain specific text.

Tables and lists

Notes makes it easy to organize information into tables. Each table column can contain formatted text, images, or an active checkbox for marking off to-do lists. You can add columns or rows at any time, change the column names, and rearrange columns.

If tables are a little too structured for your needs, create bulleted or numbered lists just by typing a special character in a new text note. For example, click on the page and type the number 1 -- you’re instantly working in a numbered list.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

If many of your pages look the same, you can easily create a template from any page. Then create new pages using that template with a single click. Or use one of the dozens of built-in page templates that come with Notes. Notes also provides several useful templates for new notebooks.

Rich, rich data

Of course Notes handles text and images, but you can also capture a print job from any application and send it directly to Notes. Many applications can send data to Notes using the Services submenu of the application menu. You can also record audio or video notes right in Notes. You can add web links, file links, or links to pages or notes within your notebooks, so the information you want is just a click away. Scribble on your pages with the built-in drawing tools. And anything can go anywhere.

Sharing notebooks

If you copy a notebook to a remote location, such as a network server, a MobileMe iDisk, or a removable drive, you can work on it remotely and then easily update the local copy when you get back to your desktop. Or do it in reverse: work on the notebook locally and then publish it to the server.

Protecting notebooks

For protecting your private information, Notes allows you to assign a password to any section. No one can see your text, not even the page titles, until the correct password is given. The data is hidden on the screen and encrypted on the file for maximum safety. If you feel your own computer is secure but you want to protect copies of your sensitive data, Notes will store your password on your Mac’s secure keychain, so you don’t have to type it in every time -- security plus convenience.

Take notes while working in other programs

You can open a floating window to take notes while you’re doing something else -- watching a movie, working in a spreadsheet, or chatting with a friend. The text is stored in a special location and can be moved to any other notebook when you’re done.

Somewhat like Microsoft OneNote -- but Macintosh

If you’ve used Microsoft OneNote, Growly Notes will feel familiar. You can put notes anywhere, resize them at will, and layer them. Notebooks are organized into sections and pages. Pages can contain almost any content you can create. But Notes works on your Mac. Beautifully. More Info »

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Growly Notes was added by Tomaco94 in Apr 2011 and the lastest update was made in Feb 2016. There is a history of activites on Growly Notes in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Growly Notes or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.
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