Grooveshark Reviews

Great while it lasted

Positive Review by Krimsun
about Grooveshark Jul 2015

Loved Grooveshark, and now that it is gone I cant find anything that matches it so I'll move on to youtube.


It's dead now :'(

Review by Shadouness
about Grooveshark May 2015

They stopped service on April 30, 2015 without warning.
It was due to copyright issues.
So very sad.


Absolutely love Grooveshark

Positive Review by thelivingded
about Grooveshark Jun 2011

Absolutely love Grooveshark. In fact, it's open right now (Woohoo, Queen!). I always recommend this to my friends, since it lets you play pretty much anything. Also, though Grooveshark's subscription fee was raised, it has remained the same for users who have been members since before it was raised.


I've recently tried out Grooveshark Mobile for the iPhone

Review by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Grooveshark Jun 2011

I've recently tried out Grooveshark Mobile for the iPhone, and so far, the app has been both wonderful and disappointing. Being able to get Grooveshark on your phone is amazing -you can listen to any song on your phone for virtually no cost ($3 a month for unlimited songs is nothing compared to $1.29 per track on iTunes). You don't even need a 3G or Wifi connection; the app lets you download songs (or entire playlists) onto it for "offline" listening.

So if you want to listen to a song, Grooveshark Mobile will let you listen to that song. Unforunately, that's about it. Grooveshark's player sucks in comparison to the iPhone's standard iPod app. Most importnatly, you can't shuffle songs. (Lame.) And the offline mode of the app is rather lacking in features. On offline mode, you can't make a new playlist, so you have to make your playlist in online mode and then download it. You can't add songs as favorites, either. Plus, when you switch to offline mode, your queue gets wiped. So if you momentarily lose your Wifi signal or 3G connection, you will need to re-add all of your songs. This isn't really that hard, though, as long as you have your songs saved to a playlist.

P.S. When you start up the mobile app, you'll want to go to settings and enable high bitrate. Otherwise, your songs may have low sound quality.