Gravit Designer Reviews

Comment by sunraysun
about Gravit Designer · Jun 2017 ·

Very powerful tool for visual design and high fidelity prototype! And can run on Linux!!!


Excelent one stop shop for visual design on every OS

about Gravit Designer · ·

Gravit is a free modern visual design tool, that cater for all major operating system.
Altough it a relatively new software, it is very mature and allready offer all essntial visual design tools and features, with some exclusive only to gravit.
The graphic user interface is very intuative, with few levels of complexity where basic tools have a very fast learning curve.
The application scope is wide, including features to support interaction design and visual design, for print and screen.
Seems with larger user base this going to be the best app in this field!

Comment by horstschwarz
about Gravit Designer · Apr 2017 ·

Best vector graphics tool available... multiplatform, innovative features, intuitive.


THE perfect Sketch replacement available for Linux !

about Gravit Designer and Sketch · ·

This ! This is just awesome, allows me to do whatever I want in an easy an customizable way, never encountered a single crash nor a bug. The ideal application for making mockups of Android, iOS, desktop apps, also fine as a Vector editor. Gravit Designer is Sketch for Linux !!

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Comment by navmed
about Gravit Designer · Mar 2017 ·

Tried it briefly. Seems simple, well-designed, well thought through. It's really cool that it has both native and web apps, and seems to be free at least for now.