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Great task outliner but could be better

Positive Review by Holmes1245
about GQueues Aug 2016


  • It's easy to design your own system in GQueues. You can create lists and tags to filter through your list.
  • I find that it also makes good use of desktop real estate when I clip my Chrome browser to one side of the screen. I can still see my tasks.
  • GQueues also offers two-way sync with Google Calendar which is something that I think is a bit unique with GQueues because other task outliners which are more popular (e.g., MyLifeOrganized, Todoist and Toodledo, etc.) have failed to do this.
  • GQueues is also available for Apple and Android products and, in my experience, has worked efficiently and well.
  • The addon for Chrome browser works great, allowing me to add tasks quickly.


  • There are some cons that I've found in the form of lack of features.
  • The movement of tasks is inconsistent. I always find myself accidentally moving subtasks out of their parent tasks because of the inconsistent method GQueues employs to move them. You have to hold down the Shift key in order to move tasks up and down the outline but not when you move left or right. The developer really should require the Shift key for any movement. That way, I can feel confident that my tasks won't shift on me. As it stands now though, this is sadly not the case.
  • The user is not able to select multiple tasks which can make moving tasks from a queue such as the Inbox to any other queue tedious. You have to move them individually. I'm going to assume the developer had a hard time or was not able to implement this because it's really a requirement for this kind of program.
  • Also, development is a bit slow. It's a small team (two perhaps?) so it seems like features are slow to be incorporated.

If you're looking for a task outliner system to keep on top of things, I highly recommend giving GQueues a look. The fact that it two-way syncs with Google Calendar is what adds real power to the program.

[Edited by Holmes1245, August 31]