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Use startpage instead of this botnet.

botnet tier results
not botnet

Comment by 7Are5ster
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I use it a lot because it's in my default page for google chrome.


switch to DuckDuckGo

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- collects your data
- alters your search results
- offers you its own websites in the results

+ doesn't track you
+ shows the same search results for everyone everywhere (+ gives you the option to localize them to a particular country)
+ lets you search thousands of other engines through !bangs (e.g. !g takes you to google, !bi to bing images, !w to wikipedia...)
+ allows you to customize the look and feel
+ is community-based

switch to duckduckgo!


foerno's comment above is accurate. Google track not just your searches, but where you go online, what you write in your emails, to whom and much else besides. Their business model consists of building up a profile of their users and making a profit from this. It is far worse than being followed around by a private detective. You cannot predict who will have this information in 20 years time and how it could be used. We already know that intelligence agencies are asking companies like Google and Yahoo to hand this information over to them. This applies to people who use Google, Yahoo, Bing even if they don't live in the US.

So alternatives to Google search: several. DuckDuckGo is one. Another is Startpage, which searches Google on your behalf and gives you their results without ever revealing to Google that it was you that searched for the information. Another option is Disconnect Search, which does a similar thing.