Google Play Music Reviews

Good as music backup, Not as player

Negative Review by AzulmArinO
about Google Play Music Mar 2017

The free service is good as backup for your MP3 files but the player lacks some very basic functionality.

The companion Music Manager desktop application helps you automatically upload into your library new songs you add to your music folder and helps you know why some of the files could not be uploaded. I always find myself having to convert audio files I get from Youtube and even it has trouble accepting some mp3 files, which I have to reconvert again. For that I use Freemake Audio Converter.

The automatically created playlist named Last Added features the latest 500 songs added to your music library BUT you cannot sort this playlist in any way except for shuffling all songs, so if you want to see the latest songs you added, you will have to find them manually throughout your library.

The Recents view does not update to show you the latest songs added to the library either, it does show you some of the latest songs you played.

There is no tags you can add to songs, artists or albums either.



Negative Review by anacrolix
about Google Play Music Jun 2012

Doesn't work in Australia.