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amazing music player

Positive Comment by alanwong
about Google Play Music and SoundCloud Nov 2016

lot better than SoundCloud. this offers better user experience, has more player options than SoundCloud. the radio feature in google play also helps it be better than SoundCloud


Free for three months

Negative Comment by alesisjoan
about Google Play Music Jan 2016

Free for three months, then you have to pay it.


Nice service with song limitation

Comment by AbsenteeSurgeon
about Google Play Music May 2012

Unfortunately, you can only upload 20,000 tracks to Google Music, which is larger than my collection. There's no even an option to pay for more space, so I have to look elsewhere

[Edited by AbsenteeSurgeon, December 09]


Only available in the US at present

Comment by paulc
about Google Play Music Oct 2011

No invitations for the rest of us :-(



Comment by Thelle
about Google Play Music Aug 2011

Google Music is very nice! Uploads the music from your hard drive seamlessly and stream it to mobile (only Android at the moment in beta) and browser! It's free and you can upload 20,000 songs..


Hooray, I got an invite to this. Now all I need is an Andro ...

Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Google Play Music Jun 2011

Hooray, I got an invite to this. Now all I need is an Android phone....


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