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Web based but extremely capable -1 Helpful

Positive Review by rodrigochiong
about Google Photos Apr 2016

Although Google Photos is a web based service, it is a great Picasa alternative. These are the few reasons why it replaces Picasa very well:
- Automatic photo backup (phone, computer)
- Unlimited photo storage (if you agree to Google's amazingly great compression algorithm)
- Automatic face, object and places tagging (this one is amazing and powered by Google's neural networks)
- Great search capabilities
- Sharing albums by URL to any person, no account needed for access or album/photo download.
- Shared collaborative albums
- Automatic effects (collages, filters) to photos, and what's best, automatic trip albums and videos!
- Non-destructive editing capabilities

I used to use Picasa a lot before, but since it's been discontinued Google Photos seems like the best option. The only downside might be that it's web based so you need to upload pictures first, and that sharing to other services like Facebook is either done through a Google Photos Album or by downloading and uploading each individual picture.