Hangouts Reviews

Consuming way too much data

Negative Review by endolith
about Hangouts Mar 2017

Google Hangouts is suddenly consuming 7 MB per day over mobile connection. To send a few plain text messages? It's ridiculous. I turned off the "Improve Hangouts" option but it didn't help.

[Edited by endolith, March 05]


Not very intuitive

Negative Review by CoryIsBatman
about Hangouts Apr 2016

I've used Google Chat on a few occasions and I find it's ok but it sometimes forgets the chat history, and it can even forget to notify me when someone sends a message. It's not the worst solution out there, but I can think of more intuitive apps.


Gtalk never left beta

Negative Review by halcion
about Hangouts Jan 2016

i will never understand the love Hangouts gets and it is completely unwarranted. Had Google simply developed Gtalk beyond beta Hangouts might of actually become the Gtalk on steroids version we are still asking for. i think it was roughly 5 years in total gtalk stayed around (the entire time in beta) and up until near the end it still worked pretty well. Coming over from gtalk to Hangouts i was quite irritated to see that file transfer had been completely removed and every time i dragged a zip file or some other file to share Hangouts would tell me to email it to that contact instead grrrrrr! how infuriating because when i wanted to share a video of some gaming footage i just recorded that was say 100mb or as little as 20mb i obviously couldn't email it to my contact because of file size limits put in place and Google knows that! (dick move) i occasionally send a message on it when i get a new android device and i am still installing and setting up apps, to get a message across but other than that i have no interest in Hangouts. It still only serves me as a reminder of how Google killed Gtalk for no good reason besides being dicks. i honestly couldn't say if the latest versions are much different than that of the last time i tried using it seriously but i doubt very much it does what i want and does more what Google wants than anything else.


Google FORCE on "Hangouts"

Negative Review by PollosHermanos
about Hangouts and Viber, WhatsApp Messenger, Skype Aug 2015

On Gmail and on every new Android device there is this crappy Hangouts App and Google do it the Google Way: THEY decide for you and that make me not want to be a part of the app with this redicoulos name that sounds like a 12 year old made it up.

And when Skype works just completly fine and Viber is an option I can not see why give Google this part of the internet and your privacy to.