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Hangouts, previously Google Talk, is a free Windows and web-based application for instant messaging and voice over internet protocol (VOIP). It lets you send instant messages, do automatic file transfers, check friends' status updates, make PC-to-PC calls, and make conference calls to multiple people at once. "Hangouts" are places used to facilitate group video chat (with a maximum of 10 people participating in a single Hangout at any point in time). Within the 10 person... More info »

Alternative names for Hangouts: Google Hangouts, Google Talk, GTalk, Google+ Hangouts


iPhone, iPad, Android + Tablet, Online, Blackberry, Chrome OS


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Pidgin has an expansive plug-in ecosystem. Please un-remove it (add it back) as an alternative

Google Talk [ now Small Hangouts iconHangouts ]


Small Pidgin iconPidgin

and by extension Small Adium iconAdium

the same claims apply to miranda Small Miranda IM iconMiranda IM

Jitsi provides audio chat SIP/Jingle, and text chat XMPP, SIMPLE Small Jitsi iconJitsi

Jitsi with 35 votes ought not be buried under show all.

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Pidgin is NOT an alternative. Google Talk is a Network/Protocol...Pidgin utilizes multiple networks/protocols but it does NOT have its own. So it is not the same thing and thus is not an alternative.


Google Talk is also an application.

I would argue that Google Talk is just the application front end to the standard Jabber protocol.


but joshhsoj1902 Google Talk doesn't use just the standard Jabber protocol that is why there is a specific entry in Pidgin to work with it rather than just using the XMPP option. However, I do understand what you mean and it is a good point.


The same with Google Talk.

I mean one can have sterling VOIP + remote desktop sharing and file transfer system in one app.

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