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Google Drive is the best.

Positive Review by peropaterson
about Google Drive and Degoo Apr 2017

I have tested more or less all of the free cloud storage apps out there and I think Google Drive is the best. It integrates so well with Android and Gmail and Foto. It has 15Gb storage plus unlimited storage for your Pictures, that is more than enough for me. I have uninstalled all backup and restore apps for Android because Android already have backup and restore features built in the OS and it backs up to Google Drive.

For Windows 10 i use Degoo which offers 100Gb of free cloud storage and it has a very simple backup where you chose the mapps and files you want to backup, I only take backup of my user files every 24 hours automatically, it works well and is very simple.


Great for Gmail users 1 Helpful

Positive Review by DamianN
about Google Drive Mar 2015

If you're a Gmail user, Google drive is perfect. Not only does it sync with your email, but makes team collab so much easier. It also gives users a lot of free space (15 GB for the individual) and makes work much easier. I can access documents from my phone and make edits on the go.


Much better alternative than Dropbox

Positive Review by AnonJ
about Google Drive Dec 2014

Larger space, trash functionality so that the files you deleted won't immediately disappear, much better pricing model... I don't see why people shouldn't ditch Dropbox in favor of it!


Google drive client = SHIT x SHIT

Negative Review by amrlotfy
about Google Drive Jun 2014

Randomly suddenly crashes repeatedly !

DropBox is much much better choice


Cheaper but less reliable than DropBox

Review by tomdesp
about Google Drive Dec 2012

Let's face it GoogleDrive is cheaper: for 100GB, it's 5$ per month vs 10$ per month for DropBox.
If you share a lot with family, friends and coworkers, GoogleDrive won't fill their own space, making it even cheaper, by far.

But GoogleDrive is also way less reliable as far as syncing is concerned. The application freezes very often, and file to sync detection fails regularly.

Google has to troubleshoot these problems in order to be competitive.


Cluttered, unintuitive, badly supported

Negative Review by mll
about Google Drive and Dropbox Oct 2012

Well, the title says it all. I'm quickly returning to Dropbox.


I miss a portable version, proxy setting & BlackBerry access

Negative Review by em4020
about Google Drive and Dropbox Jul 2012

I like the Google-services and the idea of Google Drive.
But I like also, that (only) DropBox is able to sync in a company network with a proxy setting and on a computer with admin rights. I like to open, edit and write the DropBox Files in my BlackBerry 9860 with OS7.0.

So my requests for Google Drive are:

  • Please provide a proxy setting like DropBox for syncing in company networks!

  • Please make a portable Google Drive as soon as possible!

  • Please make a BlackBerry App to open, edit and write the Google-Drive-Files on a BlackBerry 9860 with OS7.0


Terrible service provided by the terrible company.

Negative Review by tlangster
about Google Drive and Google Docs (Suite) Jun 2012

I personally hate Google - they steal your information a lot and I hate it. But the service is okay. Until you realize they scan the files to bring you ads. Until you realize they keep what you delete. Until you realize they can change it for you, give themselves very private files; etc. Very likely to happen with Google Drive.

Overall: 0 out of 5 stars. Truly terrible.



Negative Review by mll
about Google Drive Mar 2012

Sure it's free (as in beer), but be aware that Google = bugs and annoyances that take ages to get corrected, in every of their products. It took for instance one, maybe 2 years, to fix the sharing of google docs with people without a google account. So don't rely to much in Google Docs.

Google Is the New Microsoft