Google Chrome Reviews

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Support all web pages and easy access to all my google services and preferences.

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It is a slower browser and track you any time



about Google Chrome · ·

Chrome runs much faster than any other browser and supports all web standards.


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Best Browser. Faster than IE.

about Google Chrome · · -1 Helpful

Chrome is a secured, fastest and simple browser. It has excellent sync capabilities that allows you to access your browser anytime, anywhere.

Ever since it was published Google Chrome has had a long list of leaks, security flaws and glitches. These still persist to this day. And if that isn't bad enough chrome could be used (and probably still can) to steal windows credentials.
Now don't get me wrong now browser is perfect and Chrome certainly is fast with great cross-platform compatibility, but I certainly don't think that we should be singing its praises any time soon.

Comment by arshadmohammed
about Google Chrome · Jun 2017 ·

It is fast and all my history and bookmarks are stored under one off

Comment by 7Are5ster
about Google Chrome · Apr 2017 ·

I use it many times and it is very easy to use.

Comment by BlueListMe
about Google Chrome · Mar 2017 ·

Chrome seems to be the fastest of the three big browsers. Firefox and Safari are good but they tend to load much more slowly. It makes streaming videos or researching the net much more difficult.


Privacy Issues

about Google Chrome · · 2 Helpful

If you are concerned about privacy, Chrome is not the best option. Period. Google tracks everything you do in order to customize the ads displayed to you. Their ads are everywhere (email inbox, websites etc). They might know you more than you do. In this case, Firefox is the way to go.
If you don't mind having your life tracked, then Chrome is better overall.

Andre Jones

Brave is a good alternative too, based on Chrome graphic engine for those who like fast browsers and respects your privacy like Firefox (before they add let's say Waterfox)

Comment by henkalexandersandoval
about Google Chrome · Mar 2017 ·

Espectacular navegador es perfecto por su sincronización con toda la plataforma de google


Writing from Google Chrome 55

about Google Chrome · ·

Meh, i dont care google is spying me, i just want a browser.

So if you don't care about spying. Can you allow me to check your bookmarks, life, privacy and such ? I'm not Google but if you don't care I would like to spy all your life.
It will be same. Don't say you don't care about it and be careful about what can leak about you.



about Google Chrome and Google Drive, Mozilla Firefox, Gmail · ·

I have a lot of issues with Chrome, for instance as has been already mentioned, your data is mined and your web activities tracked. It also sorely lacks the customization features of a browser like Mozilla Firefox. I will say that it's performance is decent (not great as it lacks said customization options found in Firefox) and it has the various apps that it interacts well with. Which may sound obvious but it's a nice touch.

All in all I'd recommend if you already use Google apps like Google Drive and Gmail.

No need to use either. For Google Drive a good replacement is Syncwerk, esp. if you use it with Cryptomator. The best, pound-for-pound Gmail replacement is Fastmail, although if you don't need a calendar or disposable addresses, go with Protonmail. are also a good option. People should really take their privacy much more seriously than they do. These are some suggestions to make that easier.

Why can't we mark the replies as helpful? Thanks, JohnFastman!

Thanks JohnFastman. I can also recommend you Brave to replace Chrome, like I said above. If you really want a cloud service for a common use I can recommend you the french cloud service of OVH : Hubic


Could the browser be better?

about Google Chrome · ·

I work with this browser for about 5 years. The speed, different tools for user comfort - everything was done to be the best.
Any other browsers loose comparing to chrome!

Try Vivaldi or Brave :) There is some now


Best browser there is.

about Google Chrome · · 2 Helpful

Google chrome could never be replaced.
- Google Chrome sandboxes every single tab extension & plugin, making it the most secure browser there is.
- Google chrome also has amazing sync capabilities. Chrome syncs bookmarks, extensions & settings, just to name a few.
- Chrome has some really good web apps. (i.e. Codevny, Polarr, Little Alchemy)
- Chrome tracks you. A lot.
- If customization is your thing, go with firefox. No "about:config" page in Chrome.
- If you use a lot of NPAPI plugins, Either find a PPAPI version or go somewhere else.
Final Opinion:
Overall, chrome is more polished, faster & secure than Firefox/Opera/Safari/IE/Edge.


One of the best web browsers.

about Google Chrome · ·

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. It has integrated flash & PDF viewer.

Pros ->
- Has built-in flash & PDF viewer
- Doesn't take up much of the website so you can view as much web content as possible
- Allows you to use up-to-date flash on Linux
Cons ->
- Chrome tracks you. A lot.
- Chrome can't run NPAPI plugins (e.g. Unity)
- Promotes Google services all the time.