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Privacy Issues 2 Helpful

Review by andrejones6
about Google Chrome Mar 2017

If you are concerned about privacy, Chrome is not the best option. Period. Google tracks everything you do in order to customize the ads displayed to you. Their ads are everywhere (email inbox, websites etc). They might know you more than you do. In this case, Firefox is the way to go.
If you don't mind having your life tracked, then Chrome is better overall.

[Andre Jones]( )


Writing from Google Chrome 55

Review by azulprotv
about Google Chrome Jan 2017

Meh, i dont care google is spying me, i just want a browser.



Review by MeganT
about Google Chrome and Google Drive, Mozilla Firefox, Gmail Mar 2016

I have a lot of issues with Chrome, for instance as has been already mentioned, your data is mined and your web activities tracked. It also sorely lacks the customization features of a browser like Mozilla Firefox. I will say that it's performance is decent (not great as it lacks said customization options found in Firefox) and it has the various apps that it interacts well with. Which may sound obvious but it's a nice touch.

All in all I'd recommend if you already use Google apps like Google Drive and Gmail.


Could the browser be better?

Positive Review by JackFosters
about Google Chrome Sep 2015

I work with this browser for about 5 years. The speed, different tools for user comfort - everything was done to be the best.
Any other browsers loose comparing to chrome!


Best browser there is. 2 Helpful

Positive Review by PythonNutt
about Google Chrome Sep 2015

Google chrome could never be replaced.
- Google Chrome sandboxes every single tab extension & plugin, making it the most secure browser there is.
- Google chrome also has amazing sync capabilities. Chrome syncs bookmarks, extensions & settings, just to name a few.
- Chrome has some really good web apps. (i.e. Codevny, Polarr, Little Alchemy)
- Chrome tracks you. A lot.
- If customization is your thing, go with firefox. No "about:config" page in Chrome.
- If you use a lot of NPAPI plugins, Either find a PPAPI version or go somewhere else.
Final Opinion:
Overall, chrome is more polished, faster & secure than Firefox/Opera/Safari/IE/Edge.


One of the best web browsers.

Review by purrlion
about Google Chrome Sep 2015

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. It has integrated flash & PDF viewer.

Pros ->
- Has built-in flash & PDF viewer
- Doesn't take up much of the website so you can view as much web content as possible
- Allows you to use up-to-date flash on Linux
Cons ->
- Chrome tracks you. A lot.
- Chrome can't run NPAPI plugins (e.g. Unity)
- Promotes Google services all the time.


Scary that Google tracks and stores every thing you do

Negative Review by balupton
about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Safari Sep 2015

Scary that Google tracks and stores every single thing you read, click, and write to target YOU with better adverts. Even more scary is the snowden revelations that the USA government has access to all of that information too. Much prefer a browser like Firefox and Safari, which author doesn't track and store everything I do. Personally, I like Safari.


About Android Development in Codenvy

Positive Review by vinaymaneti
about Google Chrome May 2015

There is no need to set up java or any other IDE for Development, Come to Cod-envy and start developing the Application and share with your Colleagues.
you can access Any where, you all require is internet (as this is stored in the Cloud)

Need to support more Debugging process.


Much better than Firefox

Positive Review by mikefacer
about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Apr 2015

I used to be a firefox user, but for a while now that browser was really buggy and kept either freezing or crashing. It was a chore to do anyhting.
That's why I finally made the jump to chrome. I'm glad I dit. Chrome is much more stable and offers just the same features.

One thing that I'd like chrome to have is the possibility to customize buttons etc.



Review by RoyalLegacy
about Google Chrome Mar 2015

I love this browser


weak derivative

Negative Review by Unwasted_Youth
about Google Chrome and Chromium Jul 2014

Chrome is derived from Chromium.

Chrome has "all the better to track you with, my dear" components. That's bad. Privacy is precious and sacrosanct.

Use Chromium.


Average browser, popular just because of the owner

Negative Review by LAN
about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Jul 2014

A couple of months ago I tried Google Chrome, but I was disappointed. I think Chrome is nothing special, it's popular just because of the owner (Google) and its power in the Internet world. Here are some things I didn't like:

  • It was slower than all other browsers.
  • Customization options are very poor.
  • It's very big (occupies about 250 MB of hard disk space).
  • If you have slow Internet connection, it doesn't work at all.
  • I'm concerned about privacy, because Google is a known tracker.
  • Extensions are often useless and bad.

I think that Firefox is much better than Chrome. It's much faster, safer, useful and user-friendly. It also values your privacy. Use Firefox, if you want a good browser.


Chrome compared to Firefox (updated Sep 2013)

Review by Danilo_Venom
about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Jan 2012

I used Firefox for years and now I'm realizing that Google Chrome is more complete and easier right after the installation.

First of all you don't need to install Flash Player to start surfing seriously because it's already integrated in the browser and it's updated automatically, so you don't risk for its various bugs and leaks.

If before the extensions were a Firefox exclusive, now, if you want switch browser, you can find similar addons on Chrome too. Adblock Plus is even easier on Chrome because you can create a filter right clicking on the ads you want to hide.

Moreover the integrated functionalities are various. Chrome has a very simple print manager and includes a good PDF viewer, absent from Firefox: you can fill this "lack" only with third part softwares like Foxit Reader that with its plugin can show PDFs in the browser too.

To view video files and listen to audio files on Firefox I must install Quicktime with its plugin (as I said in [this topic](Forum )) while Chrome can play at least mp3 and mp4 files directly.

Chrome is easier ti use for developers too: in fact with Inspect Element you can browse between website resources while on Firefox you can view only the source of the page.

Chrome is also safer because has a sandboxed structure and automatic updates.

What's missing?


Better than IE, faster than Firefox, cleaner than Opera.

Review by CeesT
about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer Dec 2011

Chrome 15 is more responsive and reliable than Firefox 8 and IE 8, but lacks the tenacity of Firefox at downloading files. Chrome says it supports addons like MAF, but fails to install any extension for me.