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works fine

Comment by rondapuck1206 about Google Chrome Apr 2016

i use this a lot and has always worked fine for me.


Updated web browsers for Windows XP 1 Helpful

Comment by Venom88 about Google Chrome and Windows XP, Apr 2016

Since Chrome ended support for older operating system with version 50, here is a list of updated web browsers for Windows XP:


If you're concerned with your privacy, I'd recommend another browser. 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by DzSW about Google Chrome Apr 2016

As many on here have mentioned, the main issue with Chrome is your Privacy. Google makes money off your personal data, such as browsing history, searches typed etc. I, like many people are not that keen on a private advertising company such as Google making money from our personal data and habits.

Personally I'd recommend Firefox or one based off it like Pale Moon.


like it

Positive Comment by gregzaid about Google Chrome Dec 2015

It really works for me, i use it 95% of the time and works great.


This is a terrible software

Negative Comment by Atoshi about Google Chrome and GNU IceCat, Dec 2015

I don't get it, why this browser still remains so popular, even after it became obvious it's a google's (deliberately not used capital letter here) spying hog. Are people such stupid or ignorant to this? This piece of crap sholudn't be such highly rated on site like AlternativeTo, i'm disappointed. Go FireFox, or even better, IceCat.


Privacy is questionable

Negative Comment by LAN about Google Chrome Aug 2014

Google is a known tracker. They make money with our personal data. They earn billions when they sell our data to advertisers. I don't completely trust Chrome when it comes to privacy.


Internet privacy is important. Imagine that the Government's agents follow us 24/7 and take notes of what we buy in the shop, what music we listen in the car and what size of underpants we wear. We wouldn't just think "I don't care, I don't have anything to hide", huh? Even if they apologised and said "You can hide a gun in too big pants and that would threaten our state". We would protest, wouldn't we!? We deserve some privacy and that's why we should support organisations, like Mozilla or DuckDuckGo, instead of Google and other giant corporations.


For all internet time u have

Comment by GordonNelson about Google Chrome Oct 2015

I use GC on 90% of time I have to work. Fast, simple, google integrated.
But in 2015 it begin to eat all my notebook RAM.


Chrome is Da Best

Positive Comment by purrloin about Google Chrome Sep 2015

Nothing will ever replace Chrome. Ever....


Chrome Release Channels

Comment by DillonSylvestre about Google Chrome Sep 2015

If you are looking for development builds for Chrome .. see this page for links to the various Chrome release channels:

[Edited by DillonSylvestre, September 11]


World's best navigator

Comment by Amyg64 about Google Chrome Aug 2015

By far, it is the worlds' current best webbrowser.
I've been using it since the day it was released, I can't name one flaw in it so far. That's how good it is.


Mobile Chrome

Comment by fih10golts about Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Aug 2015

I like Chrome for Android. It's pretty fast.
Bun on my PC I always use Firefox. It's the best for browsing and testing websites.


Problems because of too much security

Negative Comment by Venom88 about Google Chrome May 2015

If a site has some problems with https, Chrome doesn't allow you to view that site in any case!
Showing a message like "this site is not protected" and let the user choose if view that page or not, could be better in my opinion.

A similar case is downloading unknown (to Chrome) EXE files: the browser flag them as MALWARE and you haven't a rapid option to open it anyway (unless you go in Download section and choose to "run the risk").