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Gmarks top for Firefox, XMarks top for cross-browser-usage

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Gmarks with "All-in-One Sidebar" is best for Firefox, XMarks best for cross-browser-usage

I have installed the GMarks AddOn for Firefox for comparing with Xmarks. In GMarks you also can have subfolders, as you can in XMarks. The categories, tags and the changing of folders is much easier in GMarks. In Gmarks a search also finds texts in the pages, to which the bookmarks point. This is top and unique. So my clear preference for a bookmark-service is GMarks together with the FF-Addon "All-in-One Sidebar", if I need no sync with IE-bookmarks.

Advantages of XMarks:

If I need a sync with the IE-bookmarks I prefer XMarks: it is the best cross-browser-usable bookmark-service. Since Dec.2nd, 2010 XMarks has a new owner: LastPass. LastPass is together with KeePass + KeeFox one of the best Password Services worldwide. If you can open a web-page with the browser, you can access your XMarks-Bookmarks even on windows mobile smart phones.
For Android and iPhone XMarks has already special mobile apps, which are better than bookmark-access via web browser.
KeePass combined with KeeFox is a very secure password-service. But LastPass is more comfortable and it has most LIKES in of all password-services.