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A warning about the portable version

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For what it does, GoodSync is pretty darn good. However, there are some potentially major caveats regarding the portable version, GoodSync2Go (GS2G).

Firstly, the installer insists on installing GS2G into \GoodSync - you can change which drive it's installed to, but it has to be in a \GoodSync folder (i.e. in the root of the drive). :-/

Secondly, for those of you who have moved beyond using USB drives for portable apps on multiple computers to using something like Dropbox, it's problematic. To bypass the installation folder restriction, you can set up a symlink from \GoodSync to somewhere in your Dropbox folder. However, every time you switch from one computer to another, GS2G will see itself as unactivated, and will prompt you to activate it.

I contacted GoodSync support about this constant need to re-activate the program, and they informed me that the repeated prompts to activate it were because GS2G links the activation to a drive ID of some sort, and that the way I was using it (in Dropbox vs a USB drive) is actually against the license agreement. When I confronted them about the ridiculous restriction they have on their "portable" app, they were not willing to listen.

tl;dr: The portable version can only be used on a single USB drive, not installed in Dropbox or other cloud synchronization solutions. :(

[Edited by Sandwich, July 12] As a follow-up, GoodSync2Go now refuses to activate any longer from my Dropbox, saying I've activated it on "more USB Disks than is allowed by the license that [I] purchased." DO NOT PURCHASE if you're expecting to get the standard portable app behavior. Use WinSCP instead for true portable directory synchronization.


Goodsync too expensive

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I tried Goodsync - way too expensive if computers not on same network. They make you buy a license for EACH computer.
Simple free solution: Synctoy and Remote Desktop (RDP) - works great, fast, free, and all from microsoft without cloud services (no risk of data being on or sent through others servers).