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GolfTraxx iPhone edition v1.2 updates the popular GolfTraxx Golf GPS solution to iPhone 3G users.

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GolfTraxx iPhone edition v1.2 updates the popular GolfTraxx Golf GPS solution to iPhone 3G users. GolfTraxx is a highly accurate Golf GPS product to help improve your on-course shot decisions and course management. By knowing the yardages to the important green complex locations as well as an ideal tee target based on local knowledge, your round will be shorter, your score lower and your enjoyment of the game increased. Many GolfTraxx courses have user-contributed extras that include the distance to Reach and Carry extras like bunkers, lakes and streams. All courses in GolfTraxx can utilize an easy-to-use scorecard for up to four golfers, which includes both total strokes and number of putts.

Customer support is VERY important to us, so if you are experiencing any problems with GolfTraxx, please contact us at 1-877-354-GOLF from 9AM - 9PM, US Pacific Time. More Info »


Distance to green front, center & back; tee targets for par 4s and 5s; reach and carry for water hazards, bunkers, other obstacles

An intuitive UI - GolfTraxx can be navigated using just one hand with our 'keep it simple design philosophy'

Scorecard data for over 20,000 domestic courses

Domestic and International support – GolfTraxx supports both yards and meters, and currently has users on all six continents and over 20 countries

GolfTraxx is community supported with new courses added weekly

GolfTraxx works on courses that have been mapped and where a GPS signal can be received

Supports up to four (4) tee boxes (Women's/Forward, Men's, Championship, & Pro) per course

Additional Notes:

GolfTraxx is a community of "pay it forward' golfers. Just as you rake your bunkers, replace your divots, and fix your ball marks, GolfTraxx is the opportunity for golfers to map their own course(s) and have these courses available to everyone in the GolfTraxx community. GolfTraxx only works on the 3G iPhone.

New Users:

Location-based services (GPS) must be on in order for GolfTraxx to work.

Please review/download the Quickstart (user's) guide for GolfTraxx iPhone edition at: on how to find courses near you.

If you want to contribute courses to the GolfTraxx community, please review/download the Guide to Mapping courses at:

Here is the link to find courses already mapped for use with Golftraxx near a zip code in the US (use any zip code you'd like in the URL):

The link to international courses that are GPS-mapped for use with GolfTraxx is found by using the first seven letters of a country name (all capitals):

GolfTraxx application news, new golf courses and general golf info is regularly updated at the GolfTraxx blog at

If you are still unable to find a course - please contact us ASAP and we will be more than happy to assist you! Now... get out there and have the best round of your life using GolfTraxx.

Our website indicates which courses are already GPS-mapped, so if your favorite course is not listed, this simply means that the course still needs to be GPS-mapped via Google Earth. If you are unable to download a scorecard, please feel free to fax us (925-406-0525), email us a link, or scanned copy of the most current scorecard. More Info »


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Link to official GolfTraxx site

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