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Comment by ShayneHolmes
about GnuCash · May 2017 ·

Powerful, requires learning some basics around double-entry bookkeeping, but that keeps you honest, too. Fitting your finances to the GnuCash model usually results in elegant decisions.


If you want to spend all day clicking the same things over and over again...

about GnuCash · ·
  • Interface is pretty clunky, especially on Windows.
  • Lots of tedious clicking and mousing required.
  • Claims that it's going to detect duplicates, but then doesn't.
  • Can't import more than one QIF file at a time. You have to manually type the account name and click 6 places for every single file, and the file order in the file chooser reverts each time so they're not in order.
  • Categories are called "accounts"?
  • 5 clicks to assign a category to a transaction. Every. Single. Transaction.
  • And if you try to type the category: "The account Dining does not exist. Would you like to create it?" NO I WANT YOU TO USE "Expenses:Dining", STUPID. I have to type in the whole thing each time? I should be able to type "din" and press enter because you understand what I mean and have highlighted "Expenses:Dining".
  • I can't assign a category to every transaction with a specific company? I have to manually edit every single one? I should be able to assign categories by search keyword or just by selecting a bunch of transactions and editing them all at once.