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Negative Review by endolith
about GnuCash Jun 2011
  • Interface is pretty clunky, especially on Windows.
  • Lots of tedious clicking and mousing required.
  • Claims that it's going to detect duplicates, but then doesn't.
  • Can't import more than one QIF file at a time. You have to manually type the account name and click 6 places for every single file, and the file order in the file chooser reverts each time so they're not in order.
  • Categories are called "accounts"?
  • 5 clicks to assign a category to a transaction. Every. Single. Transaction.
  • And if you try to type the category: "The account Dining does not exist. Would you like to create it?" NO I WANT YOU TO USE "Expenses:Dining", STUPID. I have to type in the whole thing each time? I should be able to type "din" and press enter because you understand what I mean and have highlighted "Expenses:Dining".
  • I can't assign a category to every transaction with a specific company? I have to manually edit every single one? I should be able to assign categories by search keyword or just by selecting a bunch of transactions and editing them all at once.