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Gmail is a free search-based web-mail service. It offers a full featured web-based email client with search capabilities, a mailbox with Pop and IMAP access, SPAM protection, display of email threads as conversations, a labeling and filtering system, an integrated chat, 10 GB of free storage, etc. Gmail is free, with contextual ads. Gmail is also marketed as part of 'Google Apps', which is available in a free 'Standard' edition as well as a paid 'Premier'... More info »

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GMail now has done too more than it should be




GMail Search now searches simultaneously in all Mails and in all Google Docs
GMail Labs offers a new very useful & unique feature(1):
Google Apps search (in GMail) (from the Google Apps team) is an Advanced Search to search simultaneously in all your Google Emails and Google Docs and Google Sites. The Google Apps search quickly finds the most relevant documents and websites and displays them on the Gmail search results together with the matching EMails.
This is a unique service, where Google is many steps ahead compared with all other EMail-services showing Googles leadership and creativity in innovative internet technologies.
Features other Mail-Services, which I miss with " Google Mail" (2,3):
Since the possibility of changing the order of the email filters (4) is missing, I manually must position the last filters, which emails automatically forward to other addresses dependently of labels, which were assigned in other filters, by repeated storing to the last place again and again.
Changing of bad subject headings in received emails for easier finding E-Mails again is not possible (5).
Storing of emails as text file is only possible over the detour "Save Frame as", however the text of mails is changed by using this method (6).

(1) https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#settings/labs
(2) http://bit.ly/eMKB14
(3) http://bit.ly/et9vDD
(4) http://bit.ly/fWBhGW
(5) http://bit.ly/fFtPBE
(6) http://bit.ly/gGQ9jl


Google has your Mail, Calendar, interests,... all your life.


best free email account to get, u get free POP3 access and can do forwarding


I love Gmail: it's quick, efficient, reliable and simple.

For all its perceived limitations Gmail is -- for me at least -- so much better than anything else.

The Archive function is what does it for me. For my money, this works much better than filing things in folders (and you can always add labels).

For work, I still have to put up with Outlook Web Access, which is incredibly slow and (in our installation, at least), has no search, a horrible move-to-folder interface, and is liable to log you out with no warning.


You can't change the order of filters

Negative Comment by em4020 about Gmail Jan 2010

I do not like Gmail because it is the only Mail-Application where you can't change the order of filters: Details see http://bit.ly/9mYHpx or http://getsatisfaction.com/google/problems/common


I refreshed this website 2 times at 21:27, and then I saw my comment 3 times with time stamp 14:57 instead 1 x with stamp after 20:00. There must be a bug in the software. Now it is 22:00 in Austria. Let us see, what the time stamp will be.