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Glisser is just such a simple concept- it's brilliant!

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Glisser makes creating an interactive presentation easier!
Before I signed up for Glisser about 2 months ago- I had no idea what an interactive presentation could be- I thought maybe some more gruesome and cringeworthy animation from PowerPoint. I was intrigued by the prospect of Glisser and I'm so glad and relieved that I took the few seconds it takes to sign up!

You can upload ordinary, totally dull PowerPoint presentations- sometimes I use Keynotes and Google slides, these work just as well too! And then select features that allow your audience to interact with you whilst the presentation was ongoing.

I personally have made use of their live polling, audience Q&A, and the live slide sharing features. Next I want to try the moderation, as that is one excellent idea for those that might be worried about opening the Q&A for their audience.

In short- it's easy to use, value for money and I've never had more positive feedback from any presentation I have ever done. Thankyou Glisser, you've converted me to your way of thinking. I'm avidly awaiting to see what you do next!

10 out of 10- Simon