Glisser Reviews

Glisser is just such a simple concept- it's brilliant!

Positive Review by SimonL
about Glisser Feb 2016

Glisser makes creating an interactive presentation easier!
Before I signed up for Glisser about 2 months ago- I had no idea what an interactive presentation could be- I thought maybe some more gruesome and cringeworthy animation from PowerPoint. I was intrigued by the prospect of Glisser and I'm so glad and relieved that I took the few seconds it takes to sign up!

You can upload ordinary, totally dull PowerPoint presentations- sometimes I use Keynotes and Google slides, these work just as well too! And then select features that allow your audience to interact with you whilst the presentation was ongoing.

I personally have made use of their live polling, audience Q&A, and the live slide sharing features. Next I want to try the moderation, as that is one excellent idea for those that might be worried about opening the Q&A for their audience.

In short- it's easy to use, value for money and I've never had more positive feedback from any presentation I have ever done. Thankyou Glisser, you've converted me to your way of thinking. I'm avidly awaiting to see what you do next!

10 out of 10- Simon


Glisser changed the way attendees view my events

Positive Review by Martin1982
about Glisser Jan 2016

I first used Glisser about six months ago, and I was blown away by the response. The audience members thought it was such a cool idea and they loved the interactive elements that allowed them to vote on the polls I'd created and ask questions. There was even some Oooohs as I revealed the answers they'd given to my polls!

It was fun for my audience and it was fun for me because whilst I'm not entirely dull when I present, but Glisser has made my presentations come to life. I can see the audience reacting more positively and the amount of feedback I collect now helps me better myself and my presentation.

It is easy to use, but if you do get stuck there are some FAQs on their site that help you get by should you get confused. Thankyou Glisser for changing the way I present. Nothing but praise from this happy presenter!

Five stars!! -Martin Joy