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Great alternative

Positive Comment by JeffersonPlane about GIMP Apr 2016

You will be amazed how awesome this software is. A lot of premium features simillar to phtoshop. ut it's totally free. So you can enjoy all this functionality and not pay money.


it's fine

Comment by gregzaid about GIMP Mar 2016

i think that for a free software is quite good but i think photoshop is way better.


GNU creation

Comment by GordonNelson about GIMP Oct 2015

After using that software I bought Adobe Photoshop



Negative Comment by mohammadghasemi about GIMP Jul 2015

heavie dependencies

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Incorrectly labeled license

Comment by HackedChicken about GIMP and GIMPshop, Mar 2015

Gimp and Gimpshop are listed here as "free". They both should be listed as "open source".


I have approved your changes.
Thanks for reporting :)


My pleasure! Community resources like this site are only as good as we make them, so I try to be a good proactive netizen.


Best Free Program ever

Positive Comment by mrmariofan20themovieguy about GIMP Feb 2015

i love this program, i use everyday, it's very easy to use
i rate 9/10


I love free software

Positive Comment by kwokkenneth about GIMP and MyBrushes, Nov 2014

well, I love it since it is free but it you need a more professional one, MyBrushes is the choice.
mybrushes art

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New version of GIMP rocks!

Positive Comment by Beduin about GIMP Aug 2012

I've just recently installed the new version of GIMP - 2.8, and I already love it. The previous 2.6 did what I wanted anyway. But this one does even more and in much smoother convenient way. 10 out of 10. Who needs to pay hundreds of bucks for PS now (except for those involved in professional pre-print routine)?

I use it in Windows and Linux and it works pretty much the same in either environment.


I beg to differ about 2.8, the work flow is messed up. With 2.8 when you open a photo, say a jpg, it is imported. When you get done with your edits you have to export it. If you want to export it to the same name there is no keyboard short cut for that action. After you export, "save", it and you close the window you have to deal with a popup that asks if you want to save changes. Bad work flow, bad user experience.

Saying that I have been happy with previous versions.


GIMP is a great product. I think it's quite unfair for peop ...

Comment by MarkUhde about GIMP Jun 2010

GIMP is a great product. I think it's quite unfair for people to say that it "sucks" on Macs and to complain it ignores conventions on Windows. It is *not* designed as a Mac or Windows program! It is a GTK program and will only feel at home on a GNOME desktop. The fact it has been successfully ported to other platforms and generally works extremely well if you can get used to having a program that's really at home on a GNOME desktop sitting in your Mac, Windows, KDE, etc desktop is great! This program can be a great *free* alternative to Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro or Adobe Photoshop for most users of those programs.


"It is not designed as a Mac or Windows program! It is a GTK program and will only feel at home on a GNOME desktop."

Then it sucks. For 99% of people who use real operating systems, it's non-native and sucks. For the 1% that use Gnome in Linux, it still sucks, because Gnome and Linux suck.


Who said it is for Gnome? As you say it such I can say you did not try it more that few mins. Did you even try?


I said it, and it's true. It's a Gnome Tool Kit application. It will only truly feel at home in Gnome in terms of design language. With that said, don't feed the troll. Endolith is just being a stupid Internet troll. A Windows kiddie... "real operating systems" - LOLz.

GIMP works very, very well, even on other platforms - it just doesn't FEEL the same as other applications since it's design language is very much Gnome 2.x...


You are a bit wrong, GIMP was first, GTK was developed for GIMP, and then Gnome was invented. GTK - is Gimp ToolKit.
Well, GTK apps are not native with Windows and OS X, but latest verson 2.8 is pretty looking on OS X as well as on my linux. But GIMP itself is great being free, agree.


gimp best

Comment by muggo about GIMP Mar 2012

not worth paying for PS, because it is GIMP :)


Professional use

Comment by EmasXP about GIMP Jul 2011

I use GIMP professionally at my job. We use only open source software, so I had to learn GIMP instead of Photoshop. There was a pretty steep learning curve, but I will never touch Photoshop today. I still miss some things like layer effects though, but I think GIMP wins in the end. I know it is a bit different and frustrating to get a grip on. I believe that everyone should give GIMP a honest try before thowing it into the trash can.


Great piece of software for those of us not wanting to fork ...

Comment by DaveSimonH about GIMP May 2011

Great piece of software for those of us not wanting to fork out for photoshop, and/or illegally obtain it and end up with system full of viruses & trojans.