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Impressive set of Features

Positive Review by avec_fromage
about GifCam Dec 2015

Gifcam is a neat little tool. With a simple task: Record a part of your screen and store it as gif. It does a great job with this, but there are a lot of additional helpful features hidden under the clunky interface: You can crop, cut, reduce, scale and edit your gif before saving. Which is a lifesafer, sometimes.
Because these built-in editors lack a decent UI, it is a bit difficult in the beginning to use, but once you got used to it (takes about 5-10 minutes), it is great. Can recommend, especially with this price tag.



Positive Review by Romeowns
about GifCam Jun 2013

Does EXACTLY what you would want a "Screen capture to Animated GIF" application to do. It's SIMPLE, FUNCTIONAL and it actually WORKS!

Tried Cropper, but couldn't get it to work properly on my Windows 7 machine.