Won't work with Chrome

Negative Review by ChasVA
about May 2016

Would not work with Chrome at all; site is functional with Firefox, but I can't test because my file exceeds size limit.

"Anonymous and free users have a 250mb file size limit. Premium are allowed files up to 1gb in size, and Premium+ users are allowed files up to 200gb in size (our maximum capacity)."


GREAT idea. Doesn't work.

Negative Review by Chitownguy12
about May 2012

Started to use this site due to great design. Drag and drop, does videos and photos of huge sizes and resolutions. Can share albums with friends and they don't need to sign up. Photos have previews on them. Beats everything else I've seen. Except for one item: It doesn't work. Multiple attempts with Chrome, IE, and IE Compatibilty resulted in photos being uploaded but then deleted. Links would only sometimes work (I sent to myself) and then would become unusable, with the photos being deleted from the site hours later. I think they are on the downslide and may be disappearing soon.