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Not ready for Prime Time [as of 12/2013]

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As a back up, Genie Timeline, has many useful features. It's clean, easy to use and once installed and quick instructions selected, takes care of itself without additional user attention. I liked that, Set it and forget it.

Unfortunately, this nice program has a 'MAJOR' shortcoming, and 'must have', for a back up program to be considered, 'Ready for Prime Time', and that is, it does not synchronize backup's.

As a result, I do not recommend, till it does include a sync feature.

For an alternative, I've been test driving several other [Backup & Sync] programs, and ran across one named: Created Synchronicity, that looks promising; backs up and synchronizes. My only disappointment is, that it only offers 'incremental' , rather than 'differential' syn's, which are much less prone to errors. To overcome this shortcoming, I will admit, it does make fast 'mirror' backups with ease, and till I find something better [free or paid], I'll be using it to back up and synchronize my files. - 03Dec2013[XPsp2]