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Shady Site

Negative Review by onurv13
about G2A May 2017

They are a shady key reseller which I didn't know at the time and I feel kind of responsible since I introduced G2A to this site. I would explain their misdeeds but more capable people than I have already done that multiple times. A simple Google search would give you all the answers you need. I will also share a link to the [TotalBiscuit's video](https://youtu.be/cac0ACHux-Q ) which explains a lot (and has many more sources if needed).


Good price, fast, ordering with Paypal.

Positive Review by Carano
about G2A Dec 2014

-I didn’t have any problem with the purchases, it’s easy and fast (deliver within the few minutes)
-I usually use Weekly Sale page to buy games for best price (save up to 75-90% off):