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FreezeCrowd is a social network that connects people in group photos. The motto is to break the ice and connect with your friends through the photos. People in the photos leave comments in the form of speech bubbles that are linked to tags.

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What an awesome idea to turn a Yearbook into an interactive and LIVE website?! I love this site and would recommend everyone to join! It's so easy to use and there are so many things you can do on the site. It's going to be the next big thing for sure - make sure to join and break the ice!


very interesting stuff!

Positive Review by peterpeter about FreezeCrowd Yesterday

i have been using freezecrowd regularly!


A very useful site that allows students to keep in contact with one another with ease. Smooth website.



Positive Review by io about FreezeCrowd Yesterday

A very useful site that allows students to keep in contact with one another with ease. Smooth website.



Positive Review by RemovedUser about FreezeCrowd 2 days ago

FreezeCrowd is everything that people look for out of a social networking platform. As a website devoted to college students, it allows a real separation between family/friends and your fellow peers and students. It is the perfect way to connect to people with similar interests and is an excellent way to get in touch with alumni that have incredibly valuable information on what to do after graduating and while in school.

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Great New Social Networking Site

Positive Review by sarahswan about FreezeCrowd 3 days ago

Freezecrowd is a great social networking site designed specifically for college students and alums. I love it because it helps me connect and keep in touch with old college friends. The interface is super user friendly, so keeping all my information organized and seeing what's new with everyone is very easy. Sharing photos is my favorite activity, but I think it would also be a great tool for planning events like reunions.



Positive Review by stephaniebauder about FreezeCrowd 3 days ago

Very cool. New to the website, but seems amazing so far!