FreezeCrowd Reviews


Review by chandimathews
about FreezeCrowd Apr 2014

Great new site providing details on Degree Programmes,Colleges and Universities,Teaching Methods and other various facilities provided.As a University student they are the vital ones that we have to consider with.Any student would be extremely lucky to get the illustrious service of information at your finger tips.And some entertainment too..


Innovative Website

Positive Review by allisonleedom
about FreezeCrowd Apr 2014

I love this new social media website. Although at first it may seem like an average startup social media website, the concept behind it is innovative and very well put together. I enjoy being a member of FreezeCrowd.


Great Site!

Positive Review by jdb238
about FreezeCrowd Mar 2014

Freezecrowd is easy to use and is a great way to connect with students and alumni.


Break the Ice

Positive Review by ashley3927
about FreezeCrowd Mar 2014

This is a such a good site for breaking the ice! If you're looking for a new way to connect with friends, this is it. You can add your group photos and connect with the other people in them through tagging and speech bubbles. I'm a college student, and this site is the perfect way to keep in touch while in college and after you've graduated. The more friends who join, the more fun it is! This site captures all the good moments and memories that you never want to forget while in college. Great site!


FreezeCrowd - A Pretty Cool Site.

Review by HazenAurora
about FreezeCrowd Jan 2014

"FreezeCrowd is a social network that connects people in group photos. The motto is to break the ice and connect with your friends through the photos. People in the photos leave comments in the form of speech bubbles that are linked to tags."

  • It was very easy to upload a new picture to my profile.
  • I really liked how you could choose what interests to include. Most websites expect you to fill in all of their fields (i.e. Favorite Sports Teams), when most of the time, I don't care to enter more than a few of these things.
  • "Select Astrological Sign" under About Me! That's a great addition. They also have "blood type" and "number of siblings."
  • More than anything, I LOVED that they ask you what your goals are. I always want to know where people are going - not just where they are.
  • It looks really easy to transfer your status onto Facebook and Twitter.

  • I wasn't sure why it wanted me to put in an address.

  • When you update your work info, it only lets you add one job. You then have to update the page and scroll back down if you want to add any past employment. It would be much better if we had a button that would allow us to add more than one job while we are editing our work information.
  • I updated my profile, but I didn't really get what to do next. Perhaps it's because there isn't a large user base, but I didn't know how or where to find others to connect with.

All in all, I think the interface is really pretty and I like the icecubes and pervasive theme of freezing. It has the potential to be a really great site once it gets a larger user base and more activity.

I would rate this site 4/5 stars.



Positive Review by lassyntia
about FreezeCrowd Dec 2013

A great social network in the ether! FreezeCrowd is simple to understand, so you can get everything fast and easy. It has a beautiful and neat design, so everything run easy and fast. There I find everything I need: amazing restaurants, museums, cool places to go, and a great communication between friends and classmates. Just drag and drop the ice cube and a generous list of suggestions wil appear just in front of your eyes. FreezeCrowd is amazing!

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I love the energy behind the idea

Positive Review by van_basten
about FreezeCrowd Nov 2013

With existing platforms like Twitter and Instagram, I feel we are moving away from a community centric social networking platform and more towards an individualistic platform. With Freezecrowd I feel it brings us back to the community values we liked originally with social networking. It brings people closer together. We lose track of former schoolmates and university pals all the time and those memories we see in photos get forgotten. I think it is sad that these days we all move to new cities and even with facebook people do lose touch because a lack of common interests, so it seems. FreezeCrowd seems a good way of bridging that move away from community based interests and making connecting with old friends more seamless. I like how it is quite underground at the moment and is trying to keep its usership exclusively student based, it is this type of exclusivity that groups of people like and will keep them as loyal users of a site.


Immediate Networking!

Positive Review by MMadonia
about FreezeCrowd Nov 2013

As a student pursuing higher education, I know very well how important it is to network. With FreezeCrowd, it is no longer simply about who you know, but now it is about the important people who are friends with your friends. By "tagging" or "freezing" your friends in group photos, FreezeCrowd allows you to share your professional base with others. This of course works wonderfully in reverse as I am put in touch with the people who my friends associate with, in practice, instantly doubling my network base!


My FreezeCrowd Review :)

Positive Review by ashleysquash
about FreezeCrowd Oct 2013

FreezeCrowd is the most intuitive and engaging social media site I’ve seen in a long time. The site is based off the simple idea of giving students a place to create a virtual photo album of their social lives. Once you upload a photo, you can tag your friends and begin a process that should be all too familiar to college students -reliving your night – by adding speech bubble comments onto your pictures. You can also “freeze a thought” to let friends know what you’re currently doing, personalize your profile with your favorite movies, books and music, and showcase school clubs and activities you’re involved in.
FreezeCrowd brings together the best aspects of the social media you already use and places it on a simple interface. The site is incredibly easy to navigate, so you won’t have trouble finding your friends or meeting new people. Best of all, Freezecrowd requires a .edu email address, which means you won’t have to worry about Mom commenting on last night’s bar crawl. Only college students are allowed access and this lends the site a sense of community and intimacy that is often lost on bigger social media sites.
One of my favorite features of Freezecrowd is an unique one: the “Visited Profiles” tab. Click this tab and you can easily flip through all of the profiles you’ve recently visited in a slideshow format. This feature makes it simple to access your closest friends’ profiles and tag them in your newest picture.
If you’re looking for a way to “break the ice” and get involved in the social scene at your college, FreezeCrowd is the place to be. I can’t wait to see this site grow and reach its full potential as one of the Internet’s best and easies way to connect socially.


A Great Alternative to all the Noisy Social Sites Out There

Positive Review by jennysama
about FreezeCrowd Sep 2013

That's exactly what I am looking for. All I want to do is connect with my friends, and have a cool place to store and access our college photos together. I was getting frustrated with all the extra ads, and buy this or that, read my whatever, and other "noise" on other social network sites.
FreezeCrowd is the answer. With a clean and uncluttered look, it's easy to use, easy to sign up, and easy to get those pictures loaded and start connecting with friends old and new.


A Great Way to Share Photos!

Positive Review by KingKrimmson
about FreezeCrowd Sep 2013

FreezeCrowd was very easy to sign up for! It took me little under 5 minute to create a new account, choose some favorites, and start uploading pictures. I decided to start using FreezeCrowd to easily share group pictures and connect with friends from the past. The site requires a school email account to join, which highly benefits the community in my opinion. Uploading, tagging, and sharing pictures is simple and painless. I would recommend this site to any of my friends.


Awesome and very cool website!

Positive Review by User9918203
about FreezeCrowd Aug 2013

It actually surprised me how much I like FreezeCrowd! Now a days, social networking sites are extremely hard to navigate and have ridiculous gimmicks that distract from the main purpose of the site. Not FreezeCrowd! It is very easy to use, and you aren't left wondering where to go or how to do something. I love the simplicity of the site as well. It is a very relaxed experience and searching for classmates is so easy. You can type in lots of things such as names, colleges, and even cities, and it will bring up very accurate and fast results.

This site has incredible potential. I really enjoyed the "Ice Breaker" idea! It really is a great way to break the ice and connect with people from both your past and current college experiences! FreezeCrowd allows you to be yourself. The Yearbook album ideas are very awesome, and the fact that you can write little blurbs on photos is a great idea. I sent out invitations to my friends, and I'm sure they will love it as well. The customer support is FANTASTIC! If you have any questions or want to add any suggestions, they are super quick to respond and will gladly assist you with anything they can.

Perhaps the best part of FreezeCrowd is the fact that it is college oriented. This makes me feel like everyone is in the same boat as me and makes me enjoy the website even more. I can't wait to see this website gain more popularity, as I think that FreezeCrowd has nowhere to go but UP!


Great social networking site

Positive Review by ctrittipoe
about FreezeCrowd Jun 2013

This is a very image oriented social networking site. It has a clean interface and is really easy to use. Aimed at college students, it's a great way to get in touch with your classmates.


dot-edu email is back in action

Positive Review by tschapman
about FreezeCrowd May 2013

Many of us out in the social universe miss the exclusivity other sites exercised when you needed a dot-edu email address to join. FreezeCrowd offers that opportunity again, and in a way that befits schools like my alma mater, a party school. The idea of freezing moments of time as a way to break the ice and/or connect with friends is a fascinating one. I think the site has promise. The layout and navigation of FreezeCrowd are exceptional, and it is evident the site is 13 years in the making because attention to detail is palpable and greatly appreciated. Students, alumni and faculty would benefit from the clean and open networking options available on the site.