Freemake Video Converter Comments

Not Only Handy and Easy

Positive Comment by realnabarl
about Freemake Video Converter Dec 2014

I just converted a DVD video with a subtitle and double audio tracks into MP4, I tried a few other pieces of software but they have different issues to do that. With this I successed and that was so easy! However the subtitle feature is not free, there is not a subtitle for my output video.


Can install unwanted software

Negative Comment by LAN
about Freemake Video Converter Sep 2014

Be careful when installing! Always opt for Custom installation and uncheck ALL optional "recommended" software (Linkey Browser and TuneUp)! If you don't do that, it'll hijack your browser and install another annoying programs!


Subtitles are now a paying option from version 4

Positive Comment by metatech
about Freemake Video Converter Mar 2014

Freemake is a great software, but since version 4, the default font for subtitles is very large. There is a "Subtitles pack" available which allows to customize the font size, but it is required to donate to download it, with a suggested amount of $9.99. Version 3.2.1 did use by default reasonable font sizes though.


Watch out for unwanted toolbars and browser hijacks, etc!!! 2 Helpful

Comment by J5_JHallgren
about Freemake Video Converter May 2013

Just tried this software and during install, had to use CUSTOM install to prevent unwanted toolbars and browser hijacks, etc and then also select NO on another panel to block other undesired stuff!
Needs .NET 4.0 on Win XP which it will install if needed so vendor download is only a installer stub.

Seems to work ok thus far but wanted to caution others about being careful on install.


Nice !

Positive Comment by malnav
about Freemake Video Converter Mar 2013

I have cut video by this tool, awesome feature, clear interface.
Thanks a lot.



Positive Comment by burki
about Freemake Video Converter Jan 2013

Needed a convertor for mkv files, searched for a while and installed a few. This definetely better than all.


It looks good and it's really simple

Positive Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Freemake Video Converter and Format Factory, HandBrake Oct 2011

Freemake Video Converter is probably the simplest video converter I've ever used (for Windows). Obviously, it doesn't offer as many options as Handbrake, but it makes up for the lack of features with a really easy-to-use interface.

I also like how it looks; Freemake's user interface has a custom theme that looks a bit like OS X, without overdoing it. In fact, it's probably the only Windows program with a custom theme that doesn't make me want to throw up (I'm looking at you, Format Factory).


Forget about Handbrake

Positive Comment by duma
about Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake Jun 2011

Forget about Handbrake; Handbrake's for your old man. Freemake Video Converter supports CUDA (ever transcoded an entire movie in 20 minutes?), and is dead simple to use. Stop fiddling with knobs and start encoding!


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