Freemake Video Converter Reviews

Some quick thoughts.

Negative Review by Weltall
about Freemake Video Converter and Format Factory Feb 2017

First of all, I want to say that it has not Opencandy anymore. My Comodo Antivirus did delete the installer, treating it as malware, but my Malwarebyte Antimalware Pro (which means active shield protection) found nothing. When installers even try to inject the Opencandy dll that it is needed for opencandy to work, my MBAM always blocks it. There was no such a thing with the installer though. Just make sure to untick the free offer. Amusingly enough, it just offered to install Avast Free antivirus., which already is the choice antivirus of many people. But there was absolutely no other offer, after I unticked that.

Now for some thoughts. I do not think Freemake Video converter is really worth it and that is for 3 reasons. First and most importantly, it adds a watermark on videos. That means your videos will get the following picture for 3 seconds, at the beginning and at the end of the video.

If you do not get the paid version, you get this.

Seconds reason is that the customization of conversion is lackluster. You get the basic customization, but it is very, very basic. Keep in mind when I say basic, I do not mean user friendly to help people that do not understand. If a person will dabble with the custom settings, he has to know what he is doing, but he just does not get many options.

Lastly, it will not utilize all your cores fully. It works very fast, cause it actually uses more than one thread when converts, but it will not use them all.

With all the above said, I suggest the other user friendly application Format Factory. It is very user friendly, it foes not add any watermarks and it is much more customizable when it comes to output and it has many more codecs and premade profiles, where Freemake has only choice between codecs and no different quality profiles for them, to make it easier for simple users. But not only that, but it will utilize your CPU fully. If you convert a single video, your CPU will reach at around 95% usage (which I guess it does not go 100% to not make windows unresponsive if you do other things the same time) and if you convert multiple videos, it will share your threads amongst the videos, meaning if you have 4 threads, it will convert 4 videos at the same time.

The reason I am not suggesting Handbrake, is because it is more advanced and in my book it is not comparable to these two, since these are mostly directed to simple users.

As a sidenote, when you uninstall Freemake, I suggest to either use a program like Geek uninstaller or run a program like CCleaner, because it leaves behind a handful of it's folders and quite a lot registry entries.



Negative Review by YveltalGriffin
about Freemake Video Converter Dec 2014

This program is filled with spyware. Luckily, my antiviral program noticed it and removed it. Beware!


One click youtube playlist download but beware of crapware

Positive Review by urishabi
about Freemake Video Converter Jun 2014

This software works well! I copy pasted a link to a YouTube playlist that I had. A few questions and everything was downloaded. And very quickly!
Beware all the crapware that was attached to it.
There are at least 3 screens of crapware to disable during installation.
And they are labeled in a misleading way too!

All in all, despite the hurdles during installation it worked so well I donated them some money.


Not bad!

Review by Adri09
about Freemake Video Converter May 2014

This software is not bad! Nice and sleeky.

But some formats don't work as well as in the DVDVideoSoft 3GP Video Converter.


Excellent video downloader

Positive Review by Danilo_Venom
about Freemake Video Converter Dec 2013

Freemake Video Converter is not only great to convert local video, it can also download online videos from a lot of sites, like Youtube, and convert them even in MP3 :) !


Be careful during the installation

Review by Danilo_Venom
about Freemake Video Converter and StreamTransport, Unchecky Nov 2013

StreamTrasport, like Freemake and many other programs, is good, but the installation contains other additional and optional softwares, even malware!

So read carefully any setup: deny, skip or uncheck all the other softwares the setup propose to install!

Sometimes these softwares are hidden in the "recommended installation", so always select the custom installation to choose what you want to install.

This advice is valid for all the installations, not only for StreamTrasport.


Very easy

Positive Review by RobertL87
about Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake Aug 2013

Very easy for everyone.
For more settings, I'd advise Handbrake.



Positive Review by bobrock93
about Freemake Video Converter May 2012

I just made an account to praise this freeware. It is the ONLY software I could find that would convert a .mkv file with surtitles to another format keeping the subtitles preserved. A++. I highly recommend donating to the developer. It can't be any simpler to use.


Freemake Video Converter: all in one!

Positive Review by Danilo_Venom
about Freemake Video Converter Jun 2011

Freemake Video Converter is: an audio to mp3 converter, a video converter, a video editor (cut, flip and rotate), a dvd authoring tool, a dvd ripper, a bluray burner, an audio and video joiner, a photo slideshow creator, can extract audio from video and dvd, can download video and mp3 from Youtube, can convert a video to mobile format for Android, Apple, Sony and in 3gp, can upload an edited video to Youtube...
All these features in one FREE application!