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By Far the Best Sync Tool

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This app is awesome. First it's free as in speech, second it's graphically intuitive and easy to use, and finally it's very flexible.

It made short work of the hopeless jumble of photo directory complete with overlapping backups, partially organized folders and so on.

So, yes it's midly annoying to have to pay attention during the install (I unintentionally installed some other app and then uninstalled it), but I'll take that over licenses, crippleware and so on. I'm sure that all of the people complaining donate to Open Source developers, right?

Either way the tool should be graded on it's own merits, maybe with an asterisk for annoying marketing. Otherwise you're doing a disservice to people like me who need a sync tool that works.


FreeFileSync comes with _optional_ PUPware, be careful during installation

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For the last several versions, FreeFileSync has been coming with the OpenCandy "we think you also might be interested installing these programs" software. You're not forced to install them at all, but do look at the prompts during installation - don't just NextNextNextNext past them.

Other than this, FreeFileSync is an excellent file syncing and backup solution that even does file versioning (in folders or by tagging your files) for you.

It is not for the novice users, but anyone medium savvy or better should find it fairly straightforward. If in doubt about a function (like versioning - the UI isn't entirely intuitive), consult the help pages.


Nice replacement for undevelopped SyncToy

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SyncToy served me faithfully for many years, but one day it started to act weirdly. So I tried FreeFileSync, which works fine, is actively developped (main drawback of SyncToy), and gives a lot of handy options.


Nod32 reported 'potentially unwanted application'

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nstB355.tmp\FreeFileSync-InstallManager.exe multiple threats cleaned by deleting - quarantined Event occurred on a new file created by the application: FreeFileSync5.9setup.exe.
nstB355.tmp\FreeFileSync-InstallManager.exe » NSIS » Script.nsi Win32/InstallMonetizer.AE potentially unwanted application
nstB355.tmp\FreeFileSync-InstallManager.exe » NSIS » vnktctrlr.exe Win32/InstallMonetizer.AD potentially unwanted application
nstB355.tmp\FreeFileSync-InstallManager.exe » NSIS » vnktctrlr.exe » NSIS » Script.nsi Win32/InstallMonetizer.AD potentially unwanted application
nstB355.tmp\FreeFileSync-InstallManager.exe » NSIS » license_YahooTB.rtf archive damaged - the file could not be extracted.


FreeFileSync: VSS, portable and triangle-sync

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Very important Advantages of FreeFileSync (FFS):

  • Triangle-sync as only Allway Sync, GoodSync, SyncLess or FreeFileSync can do.
  • VSS-support (Volume Shadow Service), only with VSS-Support it is possible to sync open files
  • Portable app with no need of admin rights.
    SyncLess, Synkron or Toucan are also portable, but have no VSS-Support.
  • No limitation of the number of synced files as with the free version of Allway Sync

Not very important Disadvantages of FreeFileSync (FFS):

  • FreeFilesync cannot synchronize WebDAV-files as only Allway Sync or GoodSync can do
  • FreeFilesync cannot synchronize "Windows Mobile" files or folders as only Allway Sync or GoodSync can do