FreeCommander Reviews

Top choice for professional KM

Positive Review by IonChristopher
about FreeCommander Jun 2016

It's main benefits are that it's reliable and free so you don't have to hesitate to try it out. It has very few limitations, and fewer QUIRKS than Total Commander. It takes 5-10 hours to master - well worth the investment. Start with one panel and the tree and set it to open in a new window so that it works conventionally and you won't have to start out thinking the up to 4 panes are a pain.


At least it's free

Review by DanMan
about FreeCommander Sep 2013

When copying files, I'm missing features. Apart for the Windows default options, it only let's you overwrite either older files or smaller files currently. No combination of the two (for example). You also only get an explicit filter ("only these file types"), but no exclusive ("all but these types") one (like don't copy "Thumbs.db" files and such).

Also neither a speed indicator (MB/s) or time estimation ("x minutes left", ...).

By default it's also using the default Windows dialog, so without going into the settings, you won't even see these advanced options. Makes you wonder - isn't the Explorer already easy enough to use? Does anyone really download file managers to make anything easier? I would think only power users download these programs, because they feel limited in their possibilities. So why hide the advanced features like that?

To top it off: during a long copy process my PC went into standby. That never happens with the default Windows Explorer.