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Intuitive interface 1 Helpful

Positive Review by canarywharf
about Free YouTube Download May 2017

Yes, it is very nice tool! I like the plain design.
Look up the official guide, they have very good interface!
Also I like download playlists! That is very usefull!


Nice tool

Positive Review by Souki96
about Free YouTube Download Nov 2016

I've been using this program for a while because I wanted to download some videos from YouTube.
It's pretty simple and the feature with the integrated converter is exactly what I've been looking for :)

So yeah, props to whoever created this app :D


Works well for up to 30 videos in a playlist. Note OpenCandy PuPware

Negative Review by mikeclueby4
about Free YouTube Download Dec 2015

I've used this to grab some videos and it does the job just fine until you hit playlists with more than 30 items in them - then it will only download the first 30. I suspect this is what the maker means by getting "improved download" when you buy the Pro version but I can't find any actual statement about that on their web site so... no money from me.

It currently (Dec 2015) ships with OpenCandy optional software installs which can be unselected.

Verdict: usable for basics, be careful during install to avoid PuPware. I will keep looking for alternatives.


Works well for YouTube

Positive Review by Adri09
about Free YouTube Download May 2014

I use this program to download my favourite videos from YouTube, including music videos. I have a small screen in my car and love to watch it on my way to work.

I've never had any problems using this software, even when downloading playlists with like hundreds of videos at the same time. Important is to keep the program up-to-date otherwise the program settings may get outdated and the download will stop.

Highly recommended program! Donated to the developers already. Hope they will also add an option to download from Netflix :)

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