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Free-To-Try Community Toolbar

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Get the latest news and downloads from Free-To-Try. Be the first to get our latest software! Add us to your browser now. The toolbar offers latest freeware, shareware and special software deals on Free-To-Try dot com plus many useful community channels available on the Net. All are integrating in to your web browser that will help you to easily get all the new content published on the site with a few click. It also keeps you up to date with the latest software versions and news.

Free-To-Try Community Toolbar is a all-in-one and handy tool that gives you an easy way to experience many of useful online services such as: More Info »

* Multiple search tool that queries Free-To-Try, Google, eBay, Health, Shopping, Finance.Yahoo, Hotel Search and other important search engines.
* Discover free-to-try legal downloads (safe, secure and spyware free).
* Radio player with support for streaming radio stations, email checker that supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and POP3 accounts.
* Twitter Reader that offers latest FREE SOFTWARE GIVEAWAY and other web's hottest social networking service - you'll be able to see "tweets" - short Twitter posts - from celebs or news sources that you choose, and of course, from you.
* Multiple search tool that queries, Google, eBay, Health, Shopping and other important search engines.

The Free-To-Try Community Toolbar also allows user to customize it by choosing many other free components you want to be displayed. The installation process only involves a few steps and the toolbar is seamlessly integrated into your browser.
Then you are ready to go! More Info »

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Free-To-Try Community Toolbar was added by MaxMctrony in Aug 2012 and the lastest update was made in Nov 2014. There is a history of activites on Free-To-Try Community Toolbar in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Free-To-Try Community Toolbar or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.
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