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  • Intuitive interface
  • Downloads from Torrent or URL
  • Supports throttling (bandwidth limiting)

great download manager

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Have used several download managers but tired this , really good. light , clean and not much necessary stuffs on it.


Quick Review!

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I have a DSL connection so most downloads over 100 MB can be a little tricky to complete depending on the source. I was having trouble with a 115 MB file which kept cutting off right at the end. This download manager got it all the first time and even kept the download rate steadier than usual! User-friendly (I loved how I could just drag and drop the URL from the browser), great interface and exactly what I needed!

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Used with windows 7 integral edition & vista famillial premium 32-bits

this is surely the most old software i have on my pc XD.

the best download manager, but the dev seem to be stopped… It is a pity.

Free Download Manager are not really comparable to other download manager, I have tested many as FlashGet, internet download manager… but the problem is always the same, they are updated but the functions are too limited, as if they had been limited on purpose… .

Free Download Manager is distinguished by these features and options:

  • Monitoring: Management Clipboard extensions Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, IE, safari, seamonkey(Mozilla)…
  • Download: single download, batch vacuum of sites, torrents, flash video…
  • Management: Explorer of sites, site manager, task scheduler…
  • Data visualization: Log, Progression, data preview and zip archives, user reviews, ratings and comments…

The organization of downloads goes a bit like FlashGet, it is possible to give names to groups and suib-groups, and provide these with specific file extensions to place downloads in the correct folder.

then the settings, really full, bandwidth management, allocation of sounds, popups, planning, management of downloads and mirrors, automatic setting of speed… it really has everything you need!

briskly* that the project be put to new, or an alternative that is REALLY for FDM!

… … … … … … … … … … …

*sorry i can't find the correct translation for the word "vivement" in french ^^".


Wow! i am impressed

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First time using a download manager. (since about 5 years ago)
Downloaded a 3gb file in 37 minutes! at the end I actually watched this program work, you can watch graphically how it breaks the large file into pieces. VERY COOL. earlier today and yesterday I attempted downloading this file and was capped at about 500kb/s sometimes as low as 300kb/s. But with this program I got an unprecedented 1.35Mb/s !!! I am a little curious as to how well other popular download accelerators perform; However, I am so impressed by Free Download Manager that I think I will just stick with this one. :)