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It is so slow...

I don't know why people love FDM so much, I was tried this app almost 2 years ago and it was too slow. Now my computer, internet and everything has changed in my setup but it is still slow. This app not a patch on IDM... if you want a free and fast download manager, EagleGet much much faster than FDM. If you complain about download speed on FDM, you need to try EagleGet.

For example: I have a 10mpbs internet and FDM is barely go up to 300 or 400 kb/s on me, moreover it is not stable. IDM can go up to 1 mb/s and realy stable. EagleGet on the other hand, much more stable than FDM but not like IDM, and it is can go up to 1 mb/s too.

If your FDM can't reach to your IDM download speed, you need to try EagleGet. It is not perfect of course but much closer to IDM than FDM is.


IDM Better Free Alternative

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FDM has same functionality with IDM but FDM is FREE !


Opera all over again.

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As of 5.x FDM has become another piece of software that has lobotomized it's advanced feature set to change over to a minimal, un-intimidating interface. And, like Opera, have promised to build the advanced features into the new program. We'll see. :(

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I prefer the old version

Comment by astral_cyborg
about Free Download Manager · Nov 2016 · 1 Helpful

The latest releases have a major change in GUI, which looks more minimal and more clear.
However, I think that FDM has lost some functionalities that were available in the past. One of them is the download of videos from streaming sites. Yes, it can download from the common ones, like Youtube, but if you try from other similar ones, it will fail.
I have tried other download managers like EagleGet and although it has uglier interface, it downloaded almost everything so far.
I really like FDM, but I've stopped using it.


FDM in 3.x series, Great! 5.x and up? Trash

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To be honest I'm thinking the project was taken over by morons. The old program is fantastic and I wish I could find a similarly done program. Unfortunately this new 5.0 release is absolutely horrible. There is a lot of fishy stuff, it tries to install with borderline malware, the site is full of click-bait.


The only download manager I will ever use

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You won't find a better download manager than this for PC. Works as advertised, has tons of features, fast, unobtrusive and never failed me. The only download manager I sometimes use apart from this is DownThemAll for Firefox, but that is a browser-specifc extension so it doesn't really count.

If you want one download manager to manage all kinds of downloads across browsers, then do yourself a favour and use this one.


Potentially dangerous

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Good overall but not really portable as advertised as it le ...

Comment by dgemu12
about Free Download Manager · Jun 2011 · 1 Helpful

Good overall but not really portable as advertised as it leaves information in the registry (would be better if they used ini files). If you don't care about portability and would install this program anyway, I think this is probably the best to use.


Feature-rich, free and it works like a charm.

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It's feature-rich, it's free and it works like a charm.
Really, it has so many features I didn't even know I wanted !