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Negative Comment by Hexaae about Free Audio Editor Sep 2014

The linked Website contains a version of this program FULL of potentially unwanted software...
Take your eyes open during installation, read carefully what you're asked to install and remember to deselect or custom install at every request if you don't want a lot more software installed with this editor tool.


Great - no need in Soundforge and other expensive tools from now on

Positive Comment by snowmandecember about Free Audio Editor and Sony Sound Forge, Feb 2012


I was really surprised by this application.

It has all the necessary tools and it is extremely fast.

Moreover, it is much better than Soundforge, which I have been using for quite a long time.

And it's FREEWARE!


Well it's a good app but i don't think you can compare it with Sound Forge. Sound Forge has many many more features like VST support for example which is clearly a plus but it's pricy of course, more suited for the pro audio market.