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Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a free and light-weight PDF document viewer for Windows.

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Foxit Reader is a free and light-weight PDF document viewer for Windows. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.

Whether you're a consumer, business, government agency, or educational organization, you need to read, create, sign, and annotate (comment on) PDF documents and fill out PDF forms. Foxit Reader is a small, lightning fast, and feature rich PDF viewer which allows you to open, view, sign, and print any PDF file. Foxit Reader is the only high volume PDF reader providing a complete PDF creation solution, providing the power of PDF creation to every desktop. Foxit Reader comes equipped with comprehensive protection against security vulnerabilities, keeping your system and company safe. More Info »

Available also as portable app:
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Foxit Reader (sometimes referred to as Foxit, Foxit Mobile PDF, Foxit Mobile Reader) was added by Stuck in Sep 2008 and the lastest update was made in Nov 2015. There is a history of activites on Foxit Reader in our Change Log and Activity Log. It's possible to update the information on Foxit Reader or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. If you want a nice widget to put on your website check these out.

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Foxit Reader, like a lot of other softwares, asks you if you want to change your homepage and install a toolbar: if you don't want them, all you have to do is uncheck those options in setup.


ADWARE ALERT : It installs an adware toolbar into your browser.


I absolutely love this program. I'm a student, and a lot of articles/books I need to read are in .pdf. Gave it a try after finding it here as an alternative to Adobe, which was getting far too large, had such a slow and ugly layout, and limited functions I wanted to paid versions. I've recommended this to everyone I know and will never go back.


The Fox It Reader installer changed my default home page despite being told not too. This softwares' installer relentlessly attempts to install a Search Toolbar by displaying a deceitful EULA agreement look-a-like screen. NOT RECOMMENDED for most users.


light and faster than Adobe reader, allows to add comments to PDFs


Seems that as of version 4 (I just installed 4.1.1) the 'Typewriter' feature can be used without having a watermark added as in previous versions. That's good news.

However, if you dislike toolbars and browser start page hijacks, watch out during the installation process. There are not only several checkboxes on more than one wizard page, but you will have to hit a special 'decline' button instead of the typical 'next' button.


It's light, but it tries to install toolbars and other stuff. I find it annoying.


I used to use this, but then they added a toolbar or some kind of ad or something that annoyed the heck out of me. Also it will not render all PDFs properly, sometimes transparency on images wont work or the layering is off. I'm sticking with Adobe Reader.


Fast, but missing some features such as delete pages, rotate single pages..
Also tries to install ask toolbar and ebay-crap. Can't seem to find a decent alternative though, so guess I'm stuck with it at the moment.


Adobe Reader lets you read the pdf: that's about it. Foxit Reader provides numerous tools for editing, such as highlighting and annotating the text. It's much faster than Adobe Reader, too. If you're looking for a free pdf viewer/editor, Foxit is your program.

Though last time I checked, the Linux version still needed A LOT of work; if you use Linux, you can just run the Windows version through Wine instead. It works great.


Has become nearly as bloated and as intrusive as the real Adobe Reader.

NOT recommended.


Foxit Reader does everything Adobe Reader can at a fraction of the time. It's an amazing substitute and is one of the first pieces of software I install on a fresh load.