Fork CMS Reviews

Fork CMS is a powerfull CMS.

Positive Review by bartdeclercq
about Fork CMS Mar 2016

I love working with Fork CMS!

On one hand, it's very easy for webmasters to manage content. Content is divided in pages and modules. Easy but with a lot of built-in features (e.g. advanced SEO settings).

On the other hand it's a great environment for developing new modules or creating new themes.

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Look out for Fork CMS, it's taking over the world!

Positive Review by desloovere_j
about Fork CMS Feb 2016

The fast growing open-source Fork CMS is been originally developed in Belgium.
It is expanding quickly around the globe.

Soon, the Fork CMS will rely on the full stack Symfony Framework. Currently only the most important components rely on Symfony.
It has a very user-friendly backend for editors and marketeers and developers love creating modules for it.

I think we ain't seen the last of Fork CMS yet.

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[Edited by deslooverej, February 24]_