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pure cancer

Negative Review by Bitchomp
about foobar2000 Dec 2015

Foobar2000 is arguably the best music player on any platform.

The GUI is hideous, it can be made slightly less hideous with arduous tweaking. There used to be plugins to do literally anything, but those no longer work. It used to be possible to instantly search though all the lyrics in your library, but the developer decided that was not cool, so they removed it. To enable that requires some obscure hacks that I cannot find anymore.

The source code is closed, and the developer, being a moron, makes idiotic decisions.

Good programs like this are a cancer, they stifle innovation because nobody wants to write the whole damn thing from scratch, and they block the possibility for incremental improvement because nobody can fork or contribute to the project.


Lightweight, powerful, efficient, handy.

Positive Review by Nupao
about foobar2000 Jan 2013

The best player for Windows platform. Too bad there is no Linux version and it's still closed-source.

The GUI is perfect: simple, with tabs, no bullshit library with extra useless artworks.

Lots of plug-ins available which supports reading files in archives (rar, zip, etc!).

A must have!