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Lovely, feature full & customizable

about FocusWriter · · 1 Helpful

What I like about Focus Writer is that it is distraction-free but with an auto-hide menu which functions can be added to or not displayed but with the File, Edit, View (and so on) where you can still access all the features so nothing is lost.

It is fully customizable where you can create your own backgrounds, colours, fonts etc... And create your own themes of which you can do many. I like that the different Font types are displayed along with adjusting the font size and it gets previewed in the window.

I have a few of these distraction-free writing programs with each offering different or added features. And FocusWriter has been just 'one' of the best choices.

Taking the time to customize and become experienced with its features is what I suggest to get the most out of FocusWriter.

(I posted this as a comment as opposed to a Review as I have yet to still venture into all its other feature packed components).


love the tabs

Comment by Joat
about FocusWriter · Feb 2012 ·

the ability to have multiple documents open in tabs is superb. Also the word target and word count features are great!


I've tried every program like this and FocusWriter is the best

Comment by calends
about FocusWriter · Aug 2011 ·

I've been pushing this program for quite a while now on blogs like Lifehacker. You can customize it so much and it just works. It sucks for the people that have made similar programs and have tried to make a little money. Try this program if you want distraction-free writing.


Yboris is right. This is definitely one of the best...if no ...

Comment by calends
about FocusWriter · Jun 2011 ·

Yboris is right. This is definitely one of the best...if not the best. The only fault (if it is one) is that like the other minimalist word processors you can't change the font size. This isn't too much of a problem considering you can always italicize/indent. You can change the main font size (for better viewing) to whatever size you like. If you're a writer - try this one! For storyboarding and other more technical aspects of writing try yWriter5!

Scrivener is coming out soon for the PC and yWriter is probably going to be left in the dust.


The best of the full-screen genre because: very customizabl ...

Comment by yboris
about FocusWriter · Jun 2011 ·

The best of the full-screen genre because: very customizable and still unobtrusive, but unlike others allows to Center / Justify / Bold / Italicize text and has a scroll bar that appears on mouse-over. Unlike others it has on-mouse-over menu and even tabs for multiple documents! Nothing can be better :)