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Not customizable AT ALL 1 Helpful

Negative Review by cliftonprince
about Flipboard Jan 2016

Flipboard -- excellent if you're 100% passive and let IT make ALL your choices ALWAYS. It also seems to be designed to help navigate among articles which have ALREADY been shared by my contacts / friends / Facebook groups / etc.. I just wanted it to do what it advertises, which is, to help me read articles at all. But you can't find an article and then "flipboard-er-ize" it somehow. There is NO "add" feature, except in the form of creating your own "magazine" which won't have any content until you and your buddies and your entire social network start to "follow" it. So, if you don't already come to the app with the clout to control your own crowd for crowd-sourcing, you effectively can't source anything to Flipboard. In other words, they are all zippy bling and absolutely no functionality. It's a false app, it doesn't actually exist.


A well designed centralized stumb -1 Helpful

Negative Review by Cyrille
about Flipboard Oct 2015

+ layout's cool, readable and attractive
+ Main Social channels readily available.
+ Web and mobile ready

- Want to add a source you like, need or want? Look elsewhere. I tried to add a dozen sites/feeds I really want to check out and I couldn't even for one. So Flipboard wants us to follow their sources, point. Dunno for you but that way to deliver news from above is as shitty and boring as is TV, not the Web.