Flight by Canto Reviews

One of those "How'd we get anything done before this" applications

Positive Review by abeltasman
about Flight by Canto Nov 2015

I honestly can't remember how my co-workers and I got things done before Flight... Maybe a ton of email attachments? It's all stored on the cloud so that we no longer have to worry where or if anyone has that certain file or who has access.. Flight lets us totally give access to the right people. Super productive application. Best feature is the version control!


Pretty Cool App

Positive Review by Garretford
about Flight by Canto Nov 2015

After a bunch of research I stumbled across Flight. We were looking for something easy to get going with and not spend a bunch of money and time setting up a system. My fav feature is the new search they just updated.. super easy to find files.


Much easier to organize and collaborate

Positive Review by mrmichaelgarys
about Flight by Canto Jul 2015

We were struggling trying to manage so many DropBox folders and grant access to users who only needed basic access or were working with us temporarily (contractors). We started using Flight to replace DropBox, but found it also helpful for managing all the different versions we were juggling via email!

Highly recommended for anyone who works on a team with creatives!