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Firefox is not improving

Negative Review by j4n
about Mozilla Firefox Nov 2016

FF is everyones darling, yet I have a long list of unbearablities.

-FF used to have weave for syncing. My data on my server. This is no longer available. Don't be fooled: firefox sync server 1.5 does NOT substitute weave. Overall you need 7(!) servers (syncserver, oauth server, data server, fxa server etc.) of which none is fully documented. If you install this on your root server mozilla easily can load anything on to your machines.

-FF only allowes "signed" extensions claiming it is for security reasons. Yet the only places to get a certificate are US based and comply with US law. So surely no wikileaks Addons or other unwanted media.

-The code quality is not good. Yes, chrome is eating your RAM but FF destroys your HD. FFfanboys rage about this: stating that SSDs last so damn long these days you don't have to worry. If you pay attention to the article it clearly states that this is PER OPEN TAB. So the more tabs you use the more likely your SSD will die and your computer will slow down vastly with every new tab. While you can solve the chrome problem with more RAM -- mozilla offers NO solution but closing tabs. You can not run your FF profile folder on 2 HDs.

-The people behind Mozilla are going the exact same path most US based internet techs go: You start with "don't be evil" and like mozilla, sign really really bad contracts with the media in the USA, e.g. exfiltrating your empty startpage dials, implementing more DRM than necessary etc.

-The staff fiddles around with useless functions: Did you need Pocket in Firefox? Have you seen people use "Firefox Hello"? Me neither. Yet it wasted time and money to implement. And not to mention it is close to impossible to remove FF bloatware like Pocket.

There are alternatives and some are based on Firefox....starting with "Firefox Nightly" giving you back some of the freedom you had. Even better is PALE MOON is essentially Firefox without the stupid ideas. And then there are so many new browsers like Vivaldi or Brave browser.

The only place I use Firefox is old computers with IE6. That's it.


works well

Positive Review by Anthonyee
about Mozilla Firefox Aug 2016

I have several browsers, hard to say which one I like most. I use it very often and didn't find anything I don't like.


Not The Same As It Once Was 1 Helpful

Review by CoryIsBatman
about Mozilla Firefox Apr 2016

I REALLY liked Firefox back in the day. It was easy to basically have it automatically run many tasks and what not while still keeping things low-impact on the system. Lately though I find that it's almost bloated with other nonsense that it's just hogging bandwith.


Mozilla is the best browser, but has been shamefully co-opted by Google

Review by kaiwiapa
about Mozilla Firefox Mar 2016

Still using Mozilla, because do not want Chrome. But starting to learn about how Google has influenced Mozilla which is very troubling. Am still positive over Mozilla, but a browser should not limit my choices to leverage the technologies that interest me the most. Security concerns are important, but so is privacy and freedom to innovate. Mozilla should halt whatever advances in the direction of becoming a closed system with tight controls and restrictions.


The best browser

Positive Review by LAN
about Mozilla Firefox Jun 2014
  • It's a fast and stable browser. Chrome might had been faster back in 2008, but now Firefox has caught it.
  • It has many customization options.
  • It's safe and it values your privacy (Mozilla is non-profit and doesn't make money with your personal data).
  • You can enhance it with many great add-ons.
  • It's user friendly and it has good help.

Bare bones

Negative Review by rluik
about Mozilla Firefox and Opera Sep 2013

I don't have much against Mozilla but Firefox is a very incomplete browser for my needs.
PS. I've been a Firefox user from 1.x to 3.6, then I discovered Opera and never considered going back.

To the point: it starts when you try to find a good extension to something as simple as a proper Speed Dial page, now try find one that syncs to your phone, it is not fun. You have to install add-ons for a lot of simple things like mouse gestures and tab settings, it makes no sense. Also Opera for both Android and desktops has a much better UI for tab-switching and accessing other things...

Check my review on the Opera browser page to see what I'm talking about.


Portable Firefox 17.0.1 on Vista 64bit cannot print webpages

Negative Review by em4020
about Mozilla Firefox Dec 2012

Since I use Firefox portable in version 16 or 17 I must use Opera, the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, if I want to print a webpage to my local EPSON printer over USB or to one of my pdf-printers as PDF-XChange, BullZip-PDF-printer, PDF24-PDF-printer or qvPDF. Even if I call the print-preview of a website in Firefox 17 portable I get an error-message instead of the preview.
I found no easy way to fix this very bad firefox-bug. I wait from version to version hoping that the new FF-versions would not have this bug anymore. From all other applications and programs I have no problems to print. I have the problem only if I want to print a web-page from firefox. If I want to print or to see a print-preview I am getting the error-message "an unknown error occurred while printing" or in German language: "Beim Drucken ist ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten".
Firefox has a temporary solution for the problem on or automatically in your own language: .

  • You must follow the instructions in "Reset Firefox printer setting" calling the URL "about:config",
  • Then in the search field, type print_printer without "print." at the beginning, type not print.print underline printer (as written in the instruction).
  • Right-click on the print_printer setting and select Reset.
  • Then exit from Firefox and Restart Firefox
  • Then Change the default font from firefox following : The Time New Roman font may not be recognized by your printer. Change the default font to a similar font, e.g. Trebuchet MS:

Until yesterday this solution did not definitely solve the problem. After some hours using firefox I could not print webpages from firefox again. So I strongly hope, that the next Firefox-Version 18 is free of this very annoying bug. In the meantime I have uninstalled the PDF24 printer, which has been stored in the print.print_printer field before resetting according to the instruction above. Maybe this will solve the problem definitely.

[Edited by em4020, December 18, 2012]


firefox vs chrome

Negative Review by Amphibian
about Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mar 2012

I have always liked firefox (stylistically) but have been bugged by niggles... its a heavy bit of kit, and too many things don't work smoothly. Opera I have found to be much zippier and with more simple useful features (i.e. the zoom bar)


Hoax Study: Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage

Review by em4020
about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer Aug 2011

July 26th, 2011: A Vancouver based "Psychometric Consulting company", AptiQuant, would have released a report [1] on a trial it conducted to measure the effects of cognitive ability on the choice of web browser. In this HOAX-report AptiQuant offered free online IQ tests to over a 100,000 people and then plotted the average IQ scores based on the browser on which the test was taken.
Results of the fictitious study: The graphs in the HOAX report showed, that Internet Explorer users scored lower than average on the IQ tests. The HOAX-report tried to connote, that Chrome, Firefox and Safari users had higher than average IQ scores.

As OmgItsTheSmartGuy revealed soon, this was no real study but only a hoax, see [2].

Thanks OmgItsTheSmartGuy for this information!

 Browser percentage usage by percentile

[1] The full report can be downloaded at: , Link is OK on 2012-05-01

[2] Wikipedia: Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usage

[Links corrected by em4020, April 30th, 2012]


Firefox / Chrome need 29.7 / 77.7 MB harddisk space

Positive Review by em4020
about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Jun 2011

Firefox / Chrome need 29.7 / 77.7 MB harddisk space
If it is important for you to save space on your harddisk, or save space for backups of drive C:\ it is recommendable to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome: