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Lightweight and simple, like SAI but free.
It has more tools, also templates and comic panels.

Comment by UmlautBioEye
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-Exports to PSD format
-Works with graphics tablets
-Templates for making Japanese comics
-Onion Skin view for editing traditional animations/sprites


High-Quality and No Price Tag

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The program is similar to that of Paint Tool Sai, but better. The program offers more layer effects (Multiply, Burn, Doge, Luminosity, etc.), and the programs provides a smooth texture. It doesn't have the option to change the brush or canvas texture, but I never used that option in PST in the first place, not to mention it's free. I was appalled at the fact that such a high quality program does not need to be purchased. I recommend this for all!

You're totally right!!! I adore PTS, and FireAlpaca is like an updated version of it. My first impression of FA was that it is very similar to PTS as well, and I felt very comfortable editing and customizing new brushes. I find the feature of making folders for the brushes a very nice touch. The rotating picture is quite nice and smooth as well. I like how there is a Gradient and Text tool, something that PTS doesn't have. When making a new illustration, there is an option where you can select to have a manga page. I find this very appealing to any mangakas who wants to make comics. I haven't used it yet because I recently downloaded it but will try it out later. The only problem that I have is I wish there was an "erasing the entire page" tool on a layer like PTS has, but it's no big deal. I can always erase and make a new one.

Overall, I also recommend this for everybody! <3