FileZilla Reviews

full of bugs

Negative Review by jasonclark
about FileZilla Aug 2015

file exists action has been broken for 4 versions, always asks what to do no matter of setting


Full of viuses/trojans detected by

Review by namgivu82
about FileZilla May 2015

I am strongly disappointed to see FileZilla turns black like this - 5 viruses detected!


Malware inside installers

Negative Review by sergtk
about FileZilla Jan 2015

Latest versions contains malware.

It is discussed more than a year already. It seems the decision of authors of the projects.

You may download software without malware but you should be quite accurate.

More details available in Wikipedia at [ ]( )

As for me this app should be marked as suspicious. Despite it can be cleanly installed, but a lot of malware can be installed as well if you follow recommended links on the homesite download page.

[Edited by sergtk, January 13]


Only Popular Because its Free 2 Helpful

Negative Review by blaxus
about FileZilla and FlashFXP, CuteFTP Aug 2014

The software is good in terms of Free software, but you can't compete with free. If you want basic functionality then FileZilla might be for you. If you wanted some more advanced features like File Synchronization or Segmented Downloads look no further then the FileZilla forums where Devs regularly say jawdropping stupid things whenever people suggest features that their competition has already implemented.

The only reason why FileZilla has so many votes is because it's Free. It has very little competition in that space and again... advanced features I would not count on it. Great alternatives like FlashFXP and CuteFTP always existed. But people are always scared away as soon as they see a price tag.


No longer my FTP client of choice on Windows

Negative Review by damunzysr
about FileZilla Mar 2014

Unfortunately, the default download seems to be the SourceForge Installer which pushes browser add-ons and other software that the user didn't come to get. I can not longer recommend FileZilla because of this.