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Good but use GS Richcopy 360, a fast and reliable software!

Comment by emiley
about FileZilla 15 hours ago

I have used many FTP clients including filezilla but sorry to say I wasn't convinced. One of my friend told me about GS Richcopy 360, it works like a charm for windows transfer as well as FTP, including multi threaded file transfer, long path name support, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when transfer is done! What else do you want from a software. It provides multi threaded file transfer for fast transfer speed, pre scheduled file transfer, email notification when task is done and many more. Try it hope it helps!


FileZilla does not store your passwords securely. Use FileZilla Secure instead. 3 Helpful

Negative Comment by JohnFastman
about FileZilla and FileZilla Secure Jan 2017

As the warning at the top tries to make clear, FileZilla stores your passwords in a format that is vulnerable to them being stolen by malware. Bad news for you and the data you access via FileZilla.

The alternative is FileZilla Secure, which at present has been released for Windows only: [ ]( )
The Mac and Linux versions are on the way. Consider contributing to the project to accelerate this urgent improvement.



Comment by marycosme4
about FileZilla Aug 2016

i really like it, simple and very useful, I think they are going great.


like it

Comment by sophiaschuler600
about FileZilla Aug 2016

I really like this, I think is very easy to handle, very simple user interface.


Installer is bundleware :( 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by charlesgoodwin
about FileZilla Jul 2016

That saddens me greatly. I got caught off guard, I just assumed (given my previous experiences) that it was a normal install process and clicked through it without thinking, and it installed some obnoxious program on my computer. You know it is obnoxious when it magically has an install date of not-today, making it hard to find what got installed because it all happened so quickly.


One of my main tools

Positive Comment by AllyBri
about FileZilla Apr 2016

Only good feelings about this software. I'm using it as a main FTP client


80's looking application works great

Comment by DirkF3
about FileZilla Mar 2016

This app works great but from a user interface perspective it looks like it comes straight from the 80's.
Let's call it "room for improvement" ;-)


No more Win 64 bit

Comment by momopl
about FileZilla Dec 2014

The new installer doesn't work on 64bit Windows. What a pitty! I will have to use another client had been a loyal user.


FileZilla client scanned with 3 viruses detected on

Comment by namgivu82
about FileZilla Sep 2014

Beware of malformed FileZilla FTP client

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about FileZilla Jan 2014

As wrote in the [avast blog]( ), there are malicious Filezilla clients around the web, recompiled versions with login stealer inside!

The installed malware FTP client looks like the official version and it is fully functional!

You can see a difference in informations in “About FileZilla” window, which indicates the use of older SQLite/GnuTLS versions.

![About window differences]( )

To avoid these malware clients download FileZilla from the official webpage only.

Of course, its AlternativeTo page redirects you to the official website.


put inside an encrypted file

Comment by s0me0ne
about FileZilla Jun 2013

I've tried other free alternatives, but they are all missing features or suck, put filezilla inside an encrypted file using truecrypt and only mount it when you need to use it and make sure all the files (the ones that get stored as plain text) remain in there also. Then when you close the encrypted file, its all secure.

It sucks having to use it like that, because updates wont work, but it keeps everything safe



Negative Comment by HellStorm
about FileZilla Nov 2011

Passwords are still stored in plaintext. This is a big security risk. Somehow lose that file and your servers are open. I am switching to WinSCP.


It's free, sure. But I don't get why it is so popular. It's ...

Comment by bjornhallberg
about FileZilla Jun 2011

It's free, sure. But I don't get why it is so popular. It's pretty basic. My biggest gripe is that I couldn't get Dreamweaver to open/edit .php files properly. After adding the file type manually to filezilla I still have to open Dreamweaver first or open the file twice. The devs need to take a look at FlashFXP.


Hands down the best free FTP client you can use. Very simpl ...

Comment by JonM33
about FileZilla Jun 2011

Hands down the best free FTP client you can use. Very simple and frequently updated.