Filestage Reviews

fun to use, clients love it!

Review by fisch17
about Filestage Mar 2017

Collecting feedback has never been as much fun! I love presenting filestage to my clients because it saves us all so much hassle.
I was also super impressed with the customer service - quick contact, great support and true interest in feedback. Though honestly, you likely won't contact them, because the interface is so intuitive.


Great reviewing app

Positive Review by ahmedbarakat
about Filestage Jan 2017

As a supervisor and small studio owner I was always fishing for a good reviewing tool, every few month I will google and look into the available services
created letterly tens of deferent accounts and trials, till I stumbled upon Filestage I liked immediately the clean design, the straightforward approach to its features and the Price plans, but I left the account hanging there till I check some other new services there and after few days of inactivity I get for the first time
an honest e-mail about why did I stop using the service, I was really impressed by how they replied to all my feedback, Really great support and a company that listens.


PDF, Design and Video Review

Positive Review by HenryL
about Filestage Nov 2016

What I like about Filestage is that you can review different file types such as PDF, images and videos. This is useful for full-service agencies dealing with different assets.
We are using this tool both for team collaboration and for client approvals.


Awesome collaboration and review tool!

Positive Review by jaco
about Filestage Nov 2016

This intuitive product is easy to use and smooth. Super easy to present to clients and fellow students. 10 out of 10 for customer support, user interface and ease of use. Completely worth your money. I am a fifteen year old student and I make videos for weddings, corporate events etc, and filestage boosted my collaboration ability to the next level.


Nice tool

Positive Review by Souki96
about Filestage Nov 2016

I like this tool very much :) The handling is simple and this marker point function comes in quite handy.
It really saves my day if I have a project and need to discuss with my team about an image, video etc.

Props to whoever came up with this idea! :D


Easy to Use, friendly Support 1 Helpful

Positive Review by marthamay88
about Filestage Nov 2016

I'm using Filestage on my daily basis to collaborate with my customers. It´s so easy to use and you don't need to give your partner more than a link to share the actual version of the project – you can save all the time you wasted with sending mails to anyone involved in the project!


Happy Clients 1 Helpful

Positive Review by typopiet
about Filestage Aug 2016

I tried many feedback and review tools until I stumbled upon Filestage. All of my clients are happy with the easy to use software. While I am still in the free trial period it's certain that I will book a fee-based plan.


Great Idea

Positive Review by AminaMue
about Filestage Jul 2016

I really like the idea! Somehow remains me Vimeo + Dropbox + Google Docs combined together. It's perfect - especially when team members do not sit in the same office or town. All in all : Great Solution for change requests on projects!


clearly arranged & simple

Positive Review by Webassociate
about Filestage Jul 2016

Since I am working in an agency, I am fed up with the e-mail mess. With Filestage I have all change requests regarding my projects at a glance and can even print them out. No chaos anymore!


Great Product, Better Price

Positive Review by jamesgoodman117
about Filestage Jul 2016

As a long-time film producer I was skeptical about these new cloud-based aps. However, I decided to give Filestage a try and couldn't recommend it enough. The sheer amount of time it saves me in a day more than covers the cost, and the user-friendly design has been a big hit around the studio and with my clients.