FileMenu Tools Reviews

Very Good Software

Positive Review by Jpotato
about FileMenu Tools and FreeFileSync Jul 2014

File Menu Tools is very good and useful tool.

Despite this missing function, although there is the possibility to use parameters (either custom or available in the software, it saves time), it is not possible to change the text or icons original parameters of the program, which is quite a pity if want to have any customize its ....

I use it for 3 years now, and there has been no update for so long that I can not say ... it's a shame because I have not yet found an alternative that also functional File Tools Menu!

I do not know what happens with the famous "Downloader" because I always try to download direct link, because I hate that kind of unnecessary applications ^ ^.

If you want to save time, this program will be a good complement with software like "Free File Sync" for example, or to create "Hard Links" very useful (I use this system to prevent the software installs I put data on my main drive in the Program Data) ... well test ;)


[OUTDATED] How to avoid the InstallManager

Review by Danilo_Venom
about FileMenu Tools and AnVir Task Manager Dec 2013

FileMenu Tools is a great tool :)
Unfortunately its downloader is awful and can install malwares!

Luckily I found a solution to avoid InstallManager:

after the first steps (TOS agreement, installation folder, Install click) the software downloads a new installer, the bad one, which starts automatically and "ask" to install the adwares with its Decline and Accept buttons.

Stop at this point, click nothing! Go in Windows Task Manager, find the process InstallManager.exe and kill it!

No adwares will be installed and FileMenu Tools will be already on your PC. You just have to find the folder where it was installed and create a shortcut to your Desktop.

That's all :) !


Like a miracle: one of the best multi-purpose file-tools !

Positive Review by em4020
about FileMenu Tools Jul 2012

I have seldom seen an app, which has so many different functions:

The integrated utilities are the following:

  • Synchronize Folders - Synchronizes two folders. It is possible configure the synchronization type (unidirectional, bidirectional, etc.) and the file types which must be synchronized. Deletes files in both directions automatically

  • Shows the size of all subfolders

  • Extended Delete - Deletes recursively specific file types from a folder. The file types are specified with wildcards, for example: *.txt, *.t??, etc.

  • NEW: Can create symbolic-links (e.g. to DropBox-subfolders)

  • NEW: FOLDERNAME adds the name of the parent folder.

  • Find And Replace - Finds and replaces a text in all selected files. It is possible to use regular expressions.

  • Advanced Renamer - Renames all the selected elements by using some patterns.

  • Delete Locked File - Deletes files which are locked by any application and cannot be deleted normally.

  • Delete and no move to Recycle Bin - Deletes definitely files and folders.

  • Change Icon - Change the icon assigned to the selected folder

  • Run with Arguments - Run a program with parameters typed through a dialog box.

  • Command Line From Here - Open a command line window and go to selected folder.

  • Split File - Splits the selected file in various parts.

  • Join File - Joins the parts of a file which were previously splitted.

  • Copy Name - Copies to the clipboard the name of the all selected elements.

  • Copy Path - Copies to the clipboard the path of the all selected elements.

  • Copy Content - Copies to the clipboard the content of the selected element. If a folder is selected, all
    element names that the folder contains will be copied

  • Attributes - Displays a submenu which lets change the attributes of the selected elements. If a folder is selected, it is possible change the attributes recursively.

  • Change Time - Changes the creation time, the last access time and/or the last write time of the selected elements. If a folder is selected, it is possible change the time recursively.

  • Register DLL - Register a DLL in Windows.

  • Unregister DLL - Unregister a DLL.

  • Create New Folder - Creates a new folder into the selected folder

  • Portable and more than 20 languages

  • NEW: FileMenu Tools can automatically check for new versions (never, every day, every week and every month). This can be configured from "Options" menu.