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Note about 7.1 version and later

Negative Comment by krzysiu
about FileMenu Tools Mar 2017

Since 7.1 FMT isn't provided with adware, but free version doesn't allow adding custom commands and built-in are limited to 20 files/dirs. Without custom commands it have many alternatives. When it comes to custom commands it was the only one, AFAIK (if I'm wrong I beg you, please tell me an alternative!). And I'd even buy it, but not from the author who added adware to his application. Well, it was his right (for me morally bad), but "no, thanks" is my right :P


Can't use FileMenu Tools anymore...

Negative Comment by sampennington
about FileMenu Tools Jan 2016

I am stuck on version 6.8 since that was the last version of the installer that has not been flagged as containing a virus.

While I understand there are ways to get around the OpenCandy virus, I'm unwilling to bother, just to install an upgrade.

I hope that LopeSoft will someday offer a virus-free version of their installer again.


FileMenu Tools works fine with Windows10.

Positive Comment by faru
about FileMenu Tools Aug 2015

I tried to install Windows10 Pro 64bit.
It can be installed without adware.
Uncheck the adware in a custom installation.


It is time to review the installer issue

Comment by RemiliaYuki
about FileMenu Tools Jul 2015

Since the installer changed to use OpenCandy on 6.7.2, it should be fine when add " /NOCANDY" option to by-pass it, according to OpenCandy.

But the installer is still concerned contenting any adware, it any experts to check with it?


Lopesoft's Installers

Negative Comment by menace97
about FileMenu Tools Mar 2015

I really wish I could try some of Lopesoft's products, but over the years I have had nothing but trouble whenever it came to actually installing them. Whether or not there is actually something malicious that gets installed or if spyware/adware is installed, I have always received warnings before installing, and thus have never even tried the products sadly. I'm sure they are aware of the situation, so hopefully one day they will review their installer choices/methods. I've read numerous accounts of people coming up with creative ways around the issue, but in my opinion that shouldn't be necessary.


used to be good, now best avoided, sad to say.

Negative Comment by MarwoodWalks
about FileMenu Tools Oct 2012

Great way to enhance your one-time great product by padding it out with a heap of lame adware and hijacking my browser home page and trying to install an older version of Firefox. I had an older, adware-free version of FileMenu and just downloaded the newest version. Only just finished cleaning up the ensuing mess. FileMenu has joined the rest of the steaming turds in the adware pond.


Beware of the downloader!!

Negative Comment by User1970778
about FileMenu Tools Aug 2012

Find another source of download! The downloader is a VERY aggressive adware installer! It works even when you tell it not to install anything. It loads a bootup ad.

The app itself is pretty good.



Positive Comment by wolframite
about FileMenu Tools Aug 2011

Lame subject line, I know, but this is very handy and has definitely contributed to bettering my workflow. One weird thing though, I've noticed under my windows 7 installation that my right-click to initiate the menu has hung for half a minute a few times since installing it; but I cannot say for certain that FileMenu tools is to blame.


Excellent! A worthy replacement for CFI ShellToys! Free!

Positive Comment by Zillion
about FileMenu Tools and CFi ShellToys Jun 2011

Excellent !!! at LONG last, a worthy replacement for CFI ShellToys !! and free !!
Note: in the current version 5.8.1, the "select" function doesn't appear anywhere, though it's configured to be in the menu (on Windows 7 x86). I've tried everything.


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