FileBot Reviews

One big thing missing

Review by AlsterNerd
about FileBot Sep 2012

A "Unload" function to unload ALL files in the "Original Files" place would be nice and save some app restarts.


The best one !

Positive Review by Shuunen
about FileBot Feb 2012

Easy and efficient,

Try it !


Filebot -- a great tool for new XBMC and Plex users

Positive Review by rs123
about FileBot Jan 2012

Just started learning about XBMC, then Plex. Love Plex, but was dreading renaming all the tv and movies. Filebot (on sourceforge) worked great. A few little glitches, but way better than other alternatives.

You'll notice the help seems to be totally lacking, which almost killed it for me. But there are several videos on YouTube which saved the day. And quickly.