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  • TheRenamer icon


    Automatically rename and organize your TV shows and Movies. Also moves them to your Media Library! TV Series Episodes and Movie File Renamer works with

    Free Windows

  • Subscene icon


    Subscene is a site where you can find subtitles for almost any movie or TV and movie show in almost any language. Supported languages: Arabic, English, French...

    Free Web

  • SubDownloader icon


    SubDownloader is a program for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,VOB,etc) and DVDs using fast hashing. Free for Mac and Linux. 30 days...

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux

    • Just downloads subtitles, does not search/rename files Guest • Jul 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Ember Media Manager icon

    Ember Media Manager

    Ember Media Manager is just that: a media manager. Once configured, it let's you fetch, store, and view various details about your media collection. Movies and TV...

    Open Source Windows

    • Discontinued Last activity from 2013:
  • TVRename icon


    Say you've downloaded a few TV episodes, and they have names like: Greys.Anatomy.S03E04.blah.xvid.avi and you want them named more like: Greys Anatomy - S03E04 -...

    Open Source Windows

  • Subtitles icon


    Free Mac and Windows app for automatically downloading subtitles for your movies and TV shows. Just drop your videos into Subtitles and let it do its magic. It...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Media Center Master icon

    Media Center Master

    Smooth, powerful interface to organize your media collection. Support for the built-in Windows Media Center Video Library strip (dvdid.xml) as well as MediaBrowser...

    Free Windows

  • Gnapi icon


    Gnapi is application designed for automatically downloading and matching subtitles for movies. It supports and OpenSubtitles databases. Program can be...

    Open Source Linux Android

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  • Movie Renamer icon

    Movie Renamer

    Movie Renamer is an Open Source application (Windows/Linux/OSX), totally free written in java, for easily renaming movie files. Features : Scan movie folder/hard...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Checksum Control icon

    Checksum Control

    A program to verify and write checksumfiles. It supports SFV and MD5 , even some exotic MD5 file types. Very easy to use, with a wizard interface.

    Open Source Windows

FileBot Comments

Remove junk files

about FileBot · ·

An additional feature to remove junk files e.g.
.jpg,.txt,.db,.nfo through a full tree structure would be very useful.


File join

about FileBot · ·

Would it be possible for your code to detect if there was xxx-cd1.avi and xxx-cd2.avi (which it somewhat seems to do already) and then auto merge them into a single avi file, maybe linking with a 3rd party utility like FormatFactory for this?

Nope, merging video files is completely out of the scope of this tool.

You're right in that it's beyond the scope of this application. However, you could always implement a plugin protocol for said features. That would be pretty cool. Installation would be optional and separate from the main code branch.


Failed matches

about FileBot · ·

I get many unrecognised matches when running an older movie, eg "Buck Rogers - Pilot Movie.mp4" and these very often match as "complete (2010)" whne using IMDB.
It would be easier if it just said "no match" if its not sure so there are less false positives to weed out.

I guess since it can't make sense of the filename it'll fallback to the foldername, which I assume is called 'complete'. Added that to the blacklist and should be auto-updated within a day. Please report it in the forums if the problem persists.


Feature Request

about FileBot · ·

I love the subtitle downloader feature, It would even more awesome if you could select folders or drag and drop folders so FileBot would search recursively inside them for video files and list them

You can drag-n-drop folders onto the === drop area. That'll automatically grab subtitles for all your video files. Check the video tutorial, somewhere at the end.


Time-saving application

about FileBot · ·

I'm very satisfied with this application. It does all your post-download tasks: decent file naming and subtitle search. Some features I would like to request:
- Downloading tv subtitles from . Far better source for english tv subtitles than the used ones: everything is arranged on season and episode number. Next to automatic renaming, automatic subtitle downloading and renaming would be awesome.
- A right click menu in Mac OS X Finder called "Rename with Filebot": (it could be placed underneath "Upload with CloudApp" in the screenshot). : This program automatically downloads subtitles when you give the video file as input. Maybe you can implement this in your application to further automate things

You mean like "filebot -get-subtitles path/to/movie"?


The Subtitles Finder

Comment by schembri
about FileBot · Jul 2011 ·

Tried 'em all, this is the best of the lot. And it's cross-platform to boot.