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Better go for "inoreader" here's WHY

Review by orayanpacks3
about Feedly Aug 2016
* inoreader better than feedly OR ANY OTHER RSS reader coz
    * tool as basic as "search" is not available free in feedly ............but it is present free in inoreader
    * article pocket me ["inoreader"ka tag + jo bhi inoreader me us article par tag lge ho] lagkar jata
    * pocket me bheja ya nhi-----------iska proof bhi inoreader deta hai-----by yellow colour.......jabki pocket me pata hi ni chal pata
    * unlimited sources---------feedly me sirf 100 feed sources hi le skte hai............jbki inoreader me no limits

Switched from Pulse

Positive Review by craftercrate
about Feedly Apr 2016

I used pulse for the longest while, but when they got sold to linkedin it went to total crap. Half of the time it was down or wouldn't even load my feeds. A total shame, but Feedly is a great alternative. I even like it more I think.

It just works... simply. And that's how RSS readers should be. Nothing complex.. easy to add feeds, easy to read feeds. This does that


Sync between devices is not working

Negative Review by moswyn1337
about Feedly and Inoreader Jan 2016

We all loved Google Reader, because it was so simple. Feedly trying to do something else, so it's not a replacement for Google's dead Reader.
After I read my feed on my Android phone, I still see all of these items in my web Feedly, why can't you remember the articles, which I read already?
Also, this hateful thing, that they try to show some spotlight, instead of my feed.
I also have section Today, but it's not showing me all today's articles, it shows only some of them. Why?
So, Feedly is definitely is not a good choice, I'm continue looking for another options...
Right now I switched to Inoreader, so far so good

[Edited by moswyn1337, January 27]


good alternative of Google Reader

Positive Review by ayushbhat
about Feedly Jul 2015

I was missing google reader but i think this is better than that.


Decent app

Review by Wong_sei
about Feedly Aug 2014

Quite good, though I would appreciate real changes, not just fixes.



Negative Review by mjean1
about Feedly Aug 2013

Without free feed search, lot of users will use another reader :(

Big strategic mistake for Feedly :(

[Edited by mjean1, August 08]


InoReader is better than Feedly. 1 Helpful

Review by User8894103
about Feedly and Inoreader Jul 2013

I think InoReader is much better, Feedly eats your screen size, but InoReader is super fast and have a lot of features. Feedly has nothing compare to InoReader.


Inserts itself even in secure pages...

Negative Review by jon1012
about Feedly Jul 2013

I hate to see a"share" button when I check my bank account, especially when they know where I go all the time.

Would be good if it was a website and not a firefox extension !


Browser Support

Negative Review by pillow86
about Feedly and Opera Mar 2013

Too bad it doesn't support Opera.

For "not support", I don't mean the normal broken webpage, but they even bar Opera users from getting in their site.


Google Account required

Negative Review by nandayo
about Feedly Mar 2013

Wants to connect to my Google account.

Required permissions:

  • View your name, public profile URL, and photo
  • View your gender and birthdate
  • View your country, language, and timezone

No way to signup using an email address.